Swimming Fees (as of September 2022):


2022 Fall Season


$115 monthly


Advanced Age Group

$95 monthly


Intermediate Age Group

$85 monthly


Age Group

$75 monthly

All the above fees do not include entrance to the pool, Meet Fees or equipment (see below). Annual registraton fee of $100 to include CSI fee.

Dues are automatically billed out the beginning of each month. We bill all our swimmers one month in advance.  For example, you will receive your bill for June at the beginning of June.  The bills include monthly dues and any Meet Fees from the previous the month.

Multi-child Discount

If you have more than one swimmer in the water you qualify for a multi-child discount.  Every swimmer after the first recieves a 10% discount in dues.  This discount is computed on a monthly basis, and is determined by which swimmers are in the water that month.  The most expensive swimmer will be charged the full amount, the rest will be discounted.

Sports Breaks/Time Out of the Water

We encourage our younger swimmers to play other sports if that is what they wish. If your swimmer would like to take a break from swimming, please let us know in writing 2 weeks prior to next billing date - this is for billing purposes and for group management purposes. If swimmer will not be in the water for the upcoming month, please let your coach know and send an email to [email protected]. You will not be charged for that month of practice with the appropriate written notice given.


Additional Fees Associated with Being a Marlin

USA Swimming Membership Fee - (required for all swimmers and included in the $100 Annual Registration Fee) - $76 annually. If your child is on free or reduced lunch, this fee is lowered to $5.00. Athletes or parents must send proof of the reduced or free lunch program with application. Registering with CSI buys liability insurance for both the swimmer and the team. This fee is covered by the Marlins with you annual registraton.

Pass to the Rec - Your monthly dues do not cover entrance to the Montrose Recreation Center. Most families/swimmers end up purchasing an annual membership to the Rec. Some families will start with a punch pass or 3 month membership. The MRD is looking into offering partial scholarships for youth in the new facility. We will share information as that becomes available.

Meet Fees - Most meets will cost about $20-40 to compete for the weekend's events.  These fees are charged to your account and paid to the meet host.



The Marlins are a business with bills of our own to pay, but we are not a punitive team and are very willing to work with you if you are having financial difficulties.  Please contact our treasurer should that be the case.