Financial Forms

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Form Name Description
Athlete Travel Support Application Submit application for reimbursement subject to the National Travel Reimbursement program.
Coach Training Reimbursement After completing coach training approved by the Executive Committee, fill out for reimbursement of half the total cost up to $500.
Direct Vendor Payment Request Executive Committee members may submit requests for direct payment by NI LSC to vendors such as awards, apparel, etc. 
LSC Event/Team Coach Stipend Request Executive Committee members responsible for camps, clinics, and LSC teams for which a coach may receive a stipend should fill out this request for payment to eligible coaches.
Reimbursement Voucher General reimbursement request for travel expenses and/or purchases.

Outreach - Swimsuit and Meet Fee Support

Clubs may request up to $100 on behalf of outreach athletes to reimburse the cost of meet fees and swimsuits.
Outreach - Club Tuition Support

Clubs may request either

  • up to $100 on behalf of outreach athletes to reimburse the cost of club tuition, or
  • $200 in matching reduction of club tuition fees ($400 total reduction, club contributes $200 and Niagara will match the $200)
Other - Submission of any other financial form not listed above Submit any other requests not applicable to the forms above. CONSULT WITH THE TREASURER BEFORE USING THIS FORM.

The following forms should be completed and then submitted using the "Other" submission link above:

Athlete Travel Support - Adapted


Old Forms (do not use these forms unless directed to do so by Executive Committee member):

Reimbursement Voucher

Travel Reimbursement - Adapted

Travel Reimbursement - Camps

National Travel Reimbursement - Criteria, Eligibility Requirements

National Travel Reimbursement - Electronic From

Northeast IM Xtreme Travel Reimbursement - Form