Niagara LSC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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DEI Chair Manual - USA Swimming Resource


When writing, reading, or discussing diversity, equity, and inclusion, it may be helpful to refer to definitions of terms that you are not familiar with. Please click here to see the Diversity Style Guide.



African-American Cultural Inclusion Resource Guide
Asian American Cultural Inclusion Resource Guide

Hispanic/Latino Cultural Inclusion Resource Guide -English
Hispanic/Latino Cultural Inclusion Resource Guide -Spanish
​LGBTQ Cultural Inclusion Resource Guide
Native American Cultural Inclusion Resource Guide

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A note about the importance of checking the right box on registration


Articles and Videos

Aspen Institute Project Play 

Low-Income Kids Are 6 Times More Likely to Quit Sports Due to Costs - 2020

‘Invisible voice’: What happens to low-income youth without sports? - 2020

State of Play - Western New York - 2017

Important Links

USA Swimming Diversity and Inclusion Website

USA Swimming - Make a Splash Website

Eastern Zone Swimming Diversity and Inclusion Website

Diversity in Aquatics Network Website

Black Kids Swim

Disability Language Style Guide

Diversity Style Guide

Forms and Applications

Niagara Swimming Outreach Application Form (for USA-S registration reduction) (maintain with club records for at least two years)

Summary of Niagara Outreach Support Programs

Niagara Swimming Outreach Meet Fee and Equipment Support Form

Niagara Swimming Outreach Club Reimbursement Program and Form

Swim Caps for Braids, Dreadlocks, etc.

Soul Cap

Happy Mane Large Extra Large XL Silicone Swim Cap for Braids and Dreadlocks

Aquastockings Large & Extra Large Swim Caps

Afroswimmers page on

Modesty Suits (Victory Swim Collection -