Please note: this agenda is subject to change!


Fall House of Delegates Meeting

Sunday, October 8, 2023


Monroe Community College

Brighton Campus

1000 East Henrietta Rd, Rochester, NY

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9:00 AM - Speciality Meetings

--Athletes, Coaches, Officials--  


11:00 AM - General Meeting  



Link to register your Club Voting Delegates (This is now closed. Deadline 5pm October 1st.)


FINAL LIST OF VOTING DELEGATES 10/7/2023 @ 7:30pm      
William Niblock AMTS          
Carter Walser AMTS     Guest - No Vote  
Sean Killian BAAC     (No Completed Disclosure)
Thomas Killian BAAC          
Renee' Williams CATO          
Elaina Williams CATO          
Mike Gleason Gleason CAQY     Disclosure Received
Henry Smith CAQY     Eligible to Vote  
Kyle Priset CLSC          
Chris Musshafen EAST          
Susannah Winfield EAST   * Disclosures will be emailed
Marci Callan FAST   10/3/2023 and must be completed
Nicholas Weiner FAST   and submitted by 10/7/2023.
Jason Westervelt GGST          
Kathleen Harms GRAT          
Isla Kraus HAST          
Nathan Alexander JETS          
Zac Mekker JETS          
Chris Everett MERC          
Ella Frazer MERC          
Jen Wisniewski METS          
Emma Wisniewski METS          
Cassie Barber MRLN          
Deb Burke MRLN          
Dan Ignacio OLSC          
Yoko Farmer PACK          
Emily Eichengre PACK          
Ann Doleski RAYS          
Hannah Hayden RRST          
Doug Heyden SDSC          
Christine Hughes SEYS          
Anthony Furstoss STAQ          
Angie McKane STAQ          
TJ Day STAR          
Morgan Harrington SYCH          
Reid Withey SYCH          
Rick Aronberg TIDE          
Pierson Schwartz TIDE          
Michael O'Connor TTAC          
Maddy Scibetta TTSC          
Scott Vanderzell TTSC          
Amelia Cook TWST          
Morgan Rosentreter TWST          
Evan Peters VICT          
Karen Senglaub VICT          
Tom Cocco UNAC          
Andrew Bilotta UNAC          
Maksim Avlasevich WEBS          
Donna Johnson WEBS          
Andalora  Danielle Exec Cmte          
Aronberg  Rick Exec Cmte          
Burke  Deborah Exec Cmte          
Cafarelli  Brianna Exec Cmte          
Cary  Paul Exec Cmte          
Chidsey  Will Exec Cmte          
Christ  Courtney Exec Cmte          
Falbo  Dominic  Exec Cmte          
Gaskill  Zach Exec Cmte          
Giancarlo  Michael Exec Cmte          
Gibbons Leo Exec Cmte          
Koenig  Peter Exec Cmte          
LaPoint  Anna Exec Cmte          
Nicita  Robert Exec Cmte          
Noecker  Elle Exec Cmte          
Peyser  Peter Exec Cmte          
Richards  Dani Exec Cmte          
Schutt  Charles Exec Cmte          
Steuer  Tom Exec Cmte          
Stromski  Jim Exec Cmte          
Switalski  Mike Exec Cmte          
Yim  Taylor Exec Cmte          



Town Hall Pre-HOD Meeting


Specialty Meetings

  • Officials Meeting - 9:00 am Room 301
  • Coaches Meeting - 9:00 am Room 101
  • Athletes Meeting - 9:00 am Room 201


General Meeting

AGENDA: Fall House of Delegates Meeting - Begins at 11:00 am - Room 201

Light refreshments will be available beginning at 10:30 to honor our athletes.

Contributing to a House of Delegates Discussion

In the hopes of an efficient and productive meeting!

Once the previous speaker has finished and you have been acknowledged by the General Chairman…

  • Stand up, introduce yourself, and state the name of the swim club you are representing.
  • Speak clearly and concisely.
  • Stay on subject and avoid personal attacks.
  • State your motion or idea affirmatively:

    “I feel that we should…,” rather than “I feel that we should not…”.

  • Most importantly:

Be certain that you have a thorough understanding of the topic at hand before speaking, in order to avoid erroneous discussion!


Roll Call

Mission Moment - Niagara Swimming, Inc.

            "Supporting strong clubs, building stronger swimmers by providing opportunities from novice to elite."


Approval of the House Rules

Robert's Rules of Order


Reading, correction and adoption of previous minutes:


Athlete Recognition

Presentation of Age Group Athletes of the Year and All-Greater Niagara Team

Presentation of Senior Athletes of the Year and All-Greater Niagara Team


Reports of Officers

General Chair: Report

Admin Vice-Chair: Report

Senior Vice-Chair: 

Age Group Vice-Chair:

Finance Vice-Chair: 

Technical Planning Chair: Report

Athlete Representatives: 

Coach Representatives:

Safe Sport/Safety:

Treasurer's Report: Report (FY 22-23 financials)

Reports of committees and coordinators



Legislation / By-Laws:

Disability: Report

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: 

Athlete Wellness:  Report




Top 10 Reports - 2023 Season (9/1/2022-8/31/2023)

SCY Girls                    SCY Boys

LCM Girls                        LCM Boys


New business


Proposal to Amend Certificate of Incorporation 

This resolution will update the legal address of Niagara Swimming.


Proposal to Amend the ByLaws of Niagara Swimming

Niagara Bylaw Changes Proposed (changes made in 12/2022 based on 2022 USAS ABM)

Niagara Bylaw Changes Proposed USAS ABM 2023 required, linked document includes both sets of changes

Ratification of Policies and Procedures Amended by the Executive Committee since the last approved by the HOD 

Niagara Policy & Procedures with Summary of Changes Proposed for Ratification updated 10/06/23 (see page 5 of pdf for a description of the only change between 10/3 and 10/6)

Niagara Long Course Zone Team Policy & Procedure Manual

Approval of Committee Membership


Niagara Elections​ - If there are no nominations from the floor, this will be voted on as a single item by acclamation (we will simply ask for an "all in favor" vote)



Governance Committee - Nominees

-Marci Callan 

-Kim Corby

-Tom Steuer


Current nominations for elections should be submitted to [email protected] 


Volunteer Recognition

Presentation of Age Group and Senior Coach of the Year Awards

Presentation of Volunteers of the Year 


Resolutions and orders