Niagara Web Site Posting Polices


The Niagara LSC has Facebook and Twitter pages that exist to promote USA Swimming and the LSC. By request, Niagara will support registered clubs in good standing, members, sponsors, and other LSCs by listing them in the “likes and interests” section of the Facebook page. Those parties may also post status updates on the Wall of the page, with the following stipulations:

  • Information must be factual and unique (no repeat posts)
  • Information must be related to USA Swimming related activities or Niagara sponsors
  • All updates are subject to removal (without prior notice) by the page administrators (who are BOD members) or the BOD.
  • Users posting false or inappropriate information are subject to being banned Complaints about posts should be sent to the webmaster for board review.
  • All advertising shall be connected to USA/Niagara Swimming activities and therefore all employment opportunities are limited to non-athlete/coach membership and postings shall be removed from the website that are not USA/Niagara Swimming connected.