Iron Horse Junior Program

General Information: Iron Horse Junior Program is an 8-week bridge program that allows the athlete to build endurance and continue polishing their strokes. These classes will be 3x per week and 45 minutes per session and will be coached by our highly experienced coaching staff.


Cost: $300 for first time enrollees and $250 returning members to the Junior program.

This will include: Our tuition, administrative fees, a hammerhead swim cap (it is mandatory for each athlete to wear at all practices), and an Iron Horse T-shirt. Returning members will not receive another cap or T-shirt.



  • Junior 1 (10&U)- Swimmers should have proficiency in freestyle and backstroke (need to be able to complete at least 25 yards. With working knowledge of butterfly, breaststroke, flip turns and dives.

  • Max 20 swimmers per Junior 1 group.


2 different practice times:

1. 4:30p-5:15p M/W/F 

2. 5:15-6pm M/W/F


**You will be assigned to a designated practice time.**



Session 4 Dates: 3/18-5/17

No practice on 3/29


**There is potential for practice changes based on training team swim meets. We will be sure to notify you if a change to the schedule is required. Saturday's training group would be the most affected group. As a team this is our busiest time of the year with swim meets almost every weekend.



Our goal is to prepare the athlete(s) for our competitive swim team by teaching new skills, refining stroke techniques and improving physical fitness in a positive team like environment. Placement in this group does not guarantee a place on Iron Horse Training Team


At the conclusion of the session we will be holding a small mock swim meet to gauge their progress.



What to bring to class?


Bring a suit, towel, goggles, hammerhead cap (without this cap they will not be able to practice) and water.


Where will it be taught?


Practices will be held at the shallow end of the Swim Center.


If we miss class/es, are we able to schedule a make-up class or prorate the amount?


No, there will be no make ups or prorated amount for missed sessions. This is an 8 week program with the expectations that all sessions are attended.


Athlete’s over 11 able to participate?


Unfortunately, this program is only for 10&U athletes.