USA Swimming ammends rules regarding swimsuits (6/1/2009)

USA Swimming ammends rules regarding swimsuits  (6/1/2009)

Following the ruling by FINA on May 19, 2009, regarding approval of swimsuits for international competition, USA Swimming’s Rules and Regulations Committee has announced an amendment to rule 102.9, covering swimsuits at USA Swimming competitions.  The committee has also outlined specific rules applying to swimsuits allowed at the 2009 ConocoPhillips USA Swimming National Championships and World Championship Trials and 2009 Open Water Word Championship Trials. These amendments are designed to provide consistency with the rules as established by FINA.


Effective June 1, 2009, swimmers competing in USA Swimming-sanctioned or approved competitions will be governed by the following rules.


Only swimwear approved by FINA, as reflected on its published list of approved swimwear, may be worn in any USA Swimming sanctioned or approved competition.


Additionally, since the FINA-approved list only addresses “new modelý swimsuits submitted by swimsuit manufacturers, swimmers will, until otherwise directed by FINA, also be able to wear traditional swimsuits provided the suits meet the following criteria:


1. For female swimmers, the swimsuit shall not cover the neck, extend past the shoulders or past the pelvis, and


2. For male swimmers, the swimsuit shall not extend above the navel or below the knees.


There are currently 202 suits on the FINA-approved list. If and when FINA approves additional suits, those suits will also be allowed in USA Swimming competition.


At the 2009 ConocoPhillips USA Swimming National Championships and World Championship Trials, and the 2009 Open Water World Championship Trials, the following rules apply, in addition to the above.


Only those permitted swimsuit models that are available to all competitors may be used. To avoid confusion, availability is defined as follows:


1.    The swimsuit manufacturer is present at the event with its approved swimsuits available for all competitors on a purchase, loan, give-away or other basis, or

2.    The swimsuit manufacturer has provided to USA Swimming a written representation in the form requested by USA Swimming, that its approved swimsuit will be made available before July 7, 2009 to all World Championship Trials competitors and before June 14, 2009 to all Open Water World Championship Trials competitors on a purchase, loan, or giveaway basis through retail stores, the internet, or other means.


USA Swimming will publish a list of swimsuit manufacturers who have made this representation once they are received. Competitors may rely on this list as approval to wear a particular swimsuit

model at either event.


The full text of the above rules, as well as the list of 202 FINA-approved suits can be found here. Any questions or comments regarding this ammendment should be sent to [email protected].