Information about the Greater Tampa Swim Association

This year round swim program was started in 1957 to reach to all levels of swimmers. The program has been very successful with all levels of swimmers improving and reaching their goals. In our program we also believe in cross training. 


The mission of GTSA is to develop character traits and technical skills necessary for the maximum realization of each swimmer’s potential.


The objectives of GTSA shall include the following:

1.To provide each swimmer an opportunity to develop good sportsmanship and to engage in a lifesaving, lifetime, recreational sport;

2.To promote physical fitness and to encourage proper conditioning and health habits of each swimmer;

3. To provide each swimmer opportunities for social, emotional, and educational development and to encourage peer and family participation in that development;  and

4. To involve each swimmer in age-group programs and competition in accordance with the standards of Florida Swimming, Inc. and United States Swimming, Inc.


The GTSA philosophy is to provide an outstanding swimming program which fosters the attributes of hard work, dedication, and determination in each of its swimmers. The  program will also encourage its swimmers to have a healthy attitude about competition and  to maintain a proper balance of fun and commitment.

While the coaches recognize that there are many different capabilities among our swimmers, their aim is to produce swimmers who excel and who understand the efforts  required to achieve that excellence. Therefore, the staff will make every effort to provide  the atmosphere necessary, in both its coaching and its teaching, to assist each swimmer in  achieving his/her goals.