GTSA Meet Rules For Our Swimmer's

GTSA Swim Caps:
GTSA swimmers must wear a GTSA swim cap (if they wear a swim cap), at all team competitions.  Caps can be purchased from the coaches.  Championship qualifiers may receive a special cap depending on the meet.

GTSA Team Shirts / Uniforms:
Swimmers are required to wear team shirts, jackets, and warm-ups at all team competitions depending on weather conditions etc..  High school shirts, jackets, and other types of apparel are not acceptable. Team shirts can be ordered from Tammy Hoffmeier.

GTSA shirt rotation at meets: 
Yellow on Friday, Blue on Saturday, and White on Sunday. 
During Championship Meets the championship shirt will be added to the shirt rotation.


GTSA Team Suits:
Swimmers are required to compete in our GTSA team suit.  The team suit is a Royal TYR suit with the team logo on it for girls.  The boys will wear a Royal TYR brief or jammer with the team logo on it.  Swimmers may wear tech suits for championship meets as determined by the coaches.  Suit must be black or royal in color.  Suits may be ordered from Tammy Hoffmeier.

At The Meet:
Be on time for warm-ups.  Warm-up times are emailed and are posted under the Meet/Events Tab (Meet information page).  We expect the swimmers to enter the water in a timely manner and not stand around on the deck wasting time while the rest of your team mates are in the water warming up.

Swimmers ALWAYS need to check-in with the coaches before your events, and after your events.  Always warm-up before your event, and swim down after your event.  Do not play in the warm-up pool / lanes.

Keep our team area clean!  Please do not make a mess under the bleachers, or throw food on the deck.  You will be held responsible for cleaning it up.

Be a "team player"!  Cheer for your team mates, and participate in team cheers.

Swimmers are required to be in our designated team area during swim meets.  Swimmers must notify coaches when they leave the area. Swimmers must check with coaches to see if they will be swimming in a relay before leaving the meet.

Parents are not allowed under the swimmer's team tents during swim meets. 

Championship Meets:
Swimmers are entered by the coaches into championship meets.  Swimmers must attend practice on a regular basis with either none or minimal practice absences to be allowed to enter championship meets.  Swimmers taking breaks, or missing practice during the season will not be allowed to enter or attend championship meets.

Failure to comply with these meet rules will result in a warning from the coaches, and or removal from the meet.