Welcome to the Kraken Swimming Swim School! We've recently partnered with Bonnie Records and Turning Point Swim Lessons to bring you FIVE new swim lesson groups focused on comfort, safety, endurance, race readiness, and technique.

Each session for Intro to Swimming, The Beginning Swimmer,The Intermediate Swimmer, The Advanced Swimmer Lessons is $125 for the entire 8 weeks. Baby Krakens will be $75.

Group Lessons

Baby Krakens

Previously listed as Parent/Child

This class will be all about comfort and safety. The parent will joing their child in this class to learn the basics of not only being safe in and around the water, but being comfortable as well. The main tenets we will be focusing on will be:

  • Breath Control
  • Rules are for a Reason
  • The Wall is Safe
  • The Water Holds Us Up, We Will Not Fall to the Ground
  • Scoop and Kick to Safety
  • Breathe and Rest on Your Back
  • Baby Laps


Little Krakens **NEW CLASS**

This class will be the stepping stone to independent lessons. Here, you will join your child in the water to effectively teach safety and survival skills. We will be focusing on the following:
  • Breath Control
  • Instructor Comfort
  • The Wall is Safe
  • The Water Holds Us Up, We Will Not Fall to the Ground
  • Toddler Laps
  • Correct Holds for Successful Skills
  • Safety Jumps

Intro to Swimming

Previously listed as Beginner Lessons

This class is similar to our Parent/Child class, but is more suitable for older kids that may not yet be ready for The Beginning Swimmer class BUT, no longer need their parent. We will continue to focus on the above 6 tenets, but they should be able to move through some of the basics quicker and we can prepare them to level up to Beginning Swimmer.

The main tenets we will be focusing on are:

  • Breath control
  • Rules are for a Reason
  • The Wall is Safe
  • The Water Holds Us Up, We Will Not Fall to the Ground
  • Scoop and Kick to Safety
  • Breathe and Rest on Your Back

Within these 6 tenets, we will work on multiple skills to ensure they can master each one.


The Beginner Swimmer

Previously listed as Advanced Lessons

This class is will introduce skills that will help swimmers prepare for more. They will continue to master safety skills but also begin learning the basics of swimming.

  • Skills that Prepare for More
    • Correct Breath Control
    • Streamline Positioning
    • Underwater Swimming
  • Beginning Dives
    • Knee Dives
  • Beginning Freestyle
    • Arm Strokes
    • Kick
    • Breathing
  • Beginning Backstroke
    • Arm Strokes
    • Kicks
    • Body Position
  • Beginning Butterfly
    • Kick
    • Arms
  • Beginning Breaststroke
    • Kick
    • Breathing


The Intermediate Swimmer

This class is to prepare swimmers to become a racer. This is where swimmers will begin to develop technique for the four main strokes.

  •  Freestyle
    • Being able to swim 1 lap of freestyle with side breaths at one side and keeping head consistently down laying in water.
  •  Backstroke
    • Becoming more streamline in backstroke. Able to swim one lap continuously.
  •  Breaststroke
    • Correct arms taught and put together with kick.
  •  Butterfly
    • Understanding timing and how to be streamline.
  •  Diving
  •  Mastered breath control
  •  Mastered Streamline Position


The Advanced Swimmer

This course is for swimmers to master their swimming technique. They will work on the following skills for all four strokes:

  • Balance
  • Under Water Work
  • Flip Turns
  • Body Roll
  • Timing
  • Race Starts

To Register for Group Lessons Click HERE.

Private Lessons

The Kraken Swimming Swim School offers private lessons for individuals and small groups of up to 4 participants. Private lessons are customized for each participant's specific needs and are scheduled to fit your busy schedule.

Private Lessons are offered in four hour blocks which can be divided into 4 one hour lessons or 8 half hour lessons. Half hour lessons are recommended for younger and/or newer swimmers.


Individual Lessons: $200

Small Group Lessons: $200 for group of 2, $300 for group of 3, $400 for group of 4

To schedule lessons, please visit the front desk of the Hubbard Pool to fill out all neccessary paperwork and pay in full. An instructor will contact you within 1 week to schedule your first lesson.

Participants must be at least 3 years of age.