National Age Group Motivational Time Standards (NAG Times)

Within USA Swimming there are Motivational Times Standards. These times standards start at “B” and go all the way to “AAAA” for each age group. The USA Swimming Motivational Time Standards use these age groups:  10 & under, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, and 17-18.

Because we often attend meets with hundreds of swimmers in each age group, it is unrealistic to expect that many of our kids will place in their events (awards are typically given for top eight swimmers). Therefore, time standards can be a good way to give swimmers an idea of how they match up with other swimmers in their age group.

Lake Erie Age Group Championships (14 & Unders)

  • 10 & Under swimmers must achieve the 11-12 NAG BB times.
  • Swimmers 11-14 must achieve NAG BB times to qualify.

Central Zone 14 & U Championships "Zones"

  • Swimmers must achieve NAG AAA times to qualify for Zones.



Junior Nationals

Winter Junior Championships

International Team Trials

Phillips 66 National Championships

2024 Olympic Trials