NES OPEN WATER CHAIR:  Open position. If interested, contact Carol at [email protected]
NES SANCTION CHAIR: Jenelle Dolan, [email protected]


Before the LSC Sanction Chair is permitted to issue a sanction for an open water swimming event, approval of the meet plan/application must be obtained from USA Swimming.  Completing the application does not automatically grant you approval of the meet plan.  Failure to include all aspects requested in the application will automatically cause the application to be denied.  The meet plan will be reviewed by a designated open water zone representative who will issue an approval or a denial within one week of receipt.  If not approved, the reason(s) will be supplied so that the applicant can take the necessary remedial actions.

The following items must be submitted:

Submit all of the above to the LSC Sanction Chair per NESI rules.  The Independent Safety Monitor shall be selected by the designated representative within the LSC, independent of the Local Organizing Committee. The LSC Sanction Chair is required to submit the packet and the name of the Independent Safety Monitor to the designated open water zone representative for approval.  Be certain to allow for the extra time this will take (approximately 1 week). Local sanction fees apply.