Competitive Program

Typically, progression to the competitive program is between 8 and 11 years of age. Given the competitive artistic swimming structure in Ontario and Canada, it is difficult for swimmers older than eleven years of age to enter the competitive stream.  Such athletes would be competing against swimmers who have been in competitive artistic swimming for several years with much higher skill levels and experience.

Competitive swimmers and compete in both figures (individual) and in routine (team). They attend 3-4 competitions per season within Ontario.


10U Competitive Teams


10U competitive swimmers train twice a week, plus one additional practice a month, for a total of 5-7 weekly training hours. Swimmers attend three competitions per season. The 10U program focuses on consolidating basic skills, introducing swimmers to the competitive environment, and building a fun team atmosphere! Swimmers in the 10U program are typically in grades 3-4.





11-12 Competitive Teams


11-12 competitive swimmers train three times a week, plus 1-2 additional practices per month, for a total of 7-9 weekly training hours. Swimmers attend four competitions per season. The 11-12 program is where swimmers start to learn some more advanced skills while still focusing on positive individual development and teaching new skills in a fun way. Swimmers in the 11-12 program are typically in grades 5-6.




13-15 Competitive Teams

13-15 competitive swimmers train 3-4 times a week for a total of 10-12 weekly training hours. Swimmers attend 4 competitions per season. In the 13-15 age category, swimmers start to take leadership opportunities within the club while also being introduced to more advanced techniques and taking more personal accountability for their training. Swimmers in the 13-15 program are typically in grades 7-9.





Junior (16-20 Competitive Program)

Junior competitive swimmers train four times a week, for a total of 13-15 weekly training hours. Swimmers attend four competitions per season. In the Junior category swimmers will compete in free and technical team rather than individual figures. The program focuses on team development, leadership, and progression toward each athlete’s individual goals. Swimmers in the Junior program are typically in grades 10-12.




Extra Routines 

At the competitive level, swimmers are able to swim solo and duet routines in addition to their team routine. When registering for the upcoming season, swimmers can indicate interest to swim an extra routine and then participate in extra routine assessments at the end of August. Extra routines typically practice once per week for 2 hours. In the 13-15 and Junior categories, swimmers are also eligible to pursue national stream training for these routines and qualify for additional competitions.




Interested in our competitive program? Email [email protected] and look at our competitive transition flowchart!