Novice Program


Nepean Artistic Swim Club offers a novice (regional league) program for synchro swimmers ages 12-18 who have prior experience in the recreational program. As artistic swimming is  an early entry sport, it is often difficult for swimmers older than age 11 to join the competitive program as they will be competing against other athletes who have already been training at that level for several seasons. The novice program aims to give these older athletes an opportunity to experience competitions, increased skill development, and a strong team atmosphere while competing in a stream that they can be successful in. For this reason, the novice program is not seen as a "stepping stone" to the competitive program. Novice swimmers are selected from our recreational program by the coaching team, and participate in assessment sessions before being accepted onto one of the novice teams. 

Practice Schedule:

Thursdays 4-6pm @ Walter Baker OR 8:15-10pm @ Sportsplex

Saturdays 11-1pm @ Sportsplex OR 3-5:15pm @ Sportsplex

Final practice times are determined by team placement





This program provides an opportunity to swim and compete at a higher level than what is offered in the recreational program, but does require an increased level of dedication and skill. In Ontario, the novice stream has a mandated maximum of 4 hours of training per week. Swimmers at the novice level are asked to sign a commitment agreement which outlines the increased level of expectations of swimming on these teams. During the season, teams will attend 2 competitions, usually local to the Ottawa area.


Interested in our novice program? Email [email protected] and look at our novice transition flowchart!