2023 Board of Directors 

President: Laura Neal [email protected]

Vice President: Meg Rakoczy [email protected]

Treasurer: Yanwu Wang [email protected]

Secretary: Vacant [email protected]

Director of Operations: Robyn Whittaker [email protected]

Director of Recreational and Novice: Genna McBain [email protected]


Governance Documents

Club Bylaws 

Pool Insurance Certificates (coming soon)

Nepean Sportsplex

Walter Baker Sports Centre

Soloway Jewish Community Centre

Pinecrest Recreation Centre

Entrance Outdoor Pool

AGM Minutes 

AGM November 25th 2018 Meeting Minutes

Members meeting April 26th 2019 Meeting Minutes

AGM November 23rd 2019 Meeting Minutes 

AGM November 25th 2020 Meeting Minutes

AGM November 3rd 2021 Meeting Minutes

AGM November 13th 2022 Meeting Minutes

AGM November 5th 2023 Meeting Minutes