Masters Program

Our Masters Programming is perfect for those who want to stay active in a sport they love OR for those who want to try it out at any age! We offer recreational programs for those with no experience or some experience in the sport, as well as a competitive masters stream for those who have competed previously at the competitive or novice level.



Recreational masters classes are for those with no experience in artistic swimming, those who have experience in our recreational program, or those who have swam long ago and want to get back into the sport! We offer a beginner recreational class and an experienced recreational class. Both classes run for 90min, once a week from October to May. 




For those with previous competitive experience in the sport, we offer the opportunity to continue to compete at the masters level. Swimmers are often self-coached and can choose which competitions to attend, from regional competitions to world championships!


Masters registration for the 2024-25 season will open in August 2024! Questions? Email [email protected]