Head CoachesJenni Halem & Jorge Silva

Overview: TIBU Celeste PLUS is a transition group, that includes up to 2 practices a week with the highest-level competition program, TIBU Azul.  Members of this group have chosen swimming as their primary form of extracurricular activity, with the goal of making top regional meets. Exceeding the practice minimum is HIGHLY recommended. In addition, all swimmers in TIBU Celeste PLUS are expected to attend all PVS meets in which TIBU participates. This group is by invitation only based on top times and level of commitment.  Swimmers will be expected to train consistently throughout the year in order to attain their personal goals.

 Target Meet(s): Holiday Invitational, IMX, JO’s, Zones, All-Stars

Goals: Swimmers enrolling in this group must have a set of goals

Time Standards: Swimmers must have “B” times in the 13-14 age group in at least 2 events to enroll in this group

Program Basics:
•  Ages 12 1/2 - 15/16 with coach recommendation to move up
•  FOUR - FIVE practices per week recommended (SEVEN practice per week maximum), dryland required **May attend 1- TIBU Azul practices per week (designated Azul practices only) from September-December, and then 2- TIBU Azul practices per week from January-May.

•  Participation in meets required                                                                                                             

 •  Requires coaches approval


Practice Schedule


Equipment Requirements:

  • Rubber Training Fins
  • 3 caps
  • 2 goggles (at least 2 at all times)
  • Extra suit in practice bag
  • Proper Dryland Attire: gym clothes, sneakers- no flip-flops

Optional Equipment:

Attendance Policy:

  • Swimmers must attend a minimum of 4 practices per week.
  • Swimmers must attend the dryland portion of all water practices attended.
  • If a swimmer is not able to meet the 4 practice minimum on a given week due to illness or emergency (excused absence), written documentation (parent note or email) must be submitted to the office.
  • If a swimmer has missed more than one week of minimum practices at the end of each four week period, they will be removed from the TIBU Celeste Plus group and enrolled in the TIBU Celeste or High School Prep group. There will be no warnings. The family is responsible for paying all costs associated with the initial program. Swimmers will have the opportunity to return to the competition program after a goal meeting is held with the coaches.

* Travel Meet Policy: A swimmer must meet a minimum of 80% practice attendance in order to attend any travel meets.