Mission Statement:

Our mission is to elevate, educate, and empower children through a summer swim program making them better swimmers and community members all while having a good time. We encourage good sportsmanship, commitment, teamwork, individual integrity, self-discipline, and enjoyment.


Philosophy Statement:

Our philosophy is to provide children with a fun and safe environment while they learn and grow as swimmers. We promote integrity, good sportsmanship, self-discipline, commitment, teamwork, and most of all enjoyment. The program will build confidence, physical fitness, develop leadership qualities, and provide a platform for personal growth. We encourage swimmers to compete with oneself- winning is not our main goal. The swimmer's improvement is our primary objective.


Team Slogan:

Hammerheads Swim TOGETHER.


Why the Hammerhead:

Hammerhead sharks are the only sharks to swim in schools, sometimes in groups over 100.  The unique shape of the hammerhead shark’s head allows it to see better than other sharks.  Hammerhead sharks can be found in deep and shallow water.  Hammerhead sharks like to get a tan from the sun.