Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering

Why do you need volunteers?

There is a LOT of work needed to keep a swim team running smoothly.  Meets alone have 70-80 volunteer positions!  There’s also a lot of things going on behind the scenes before we even get to the pool…planning, ordering supplies, making decisions.  The more volunteers we have, the easier it is on everyone.  

How often should I volunteer?

For meets, we require that each family provide a volunteer for each meet they have a swimmer in.  If your kid(s) swim in 5 meets, you'll need to provide a volunteer at those 5 meets.  Please feel free to volunteer more than that, though!  And remember, it doesn't have to be can be Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Joe, etc.  Basically, any adult or teenager you know and trust can be your family’s volunteer.  Just sign them up under your name.

What’s involved in being a meet volunteer?

Each meet will have an A shift and B shift (essentially first half and second half of the meet) for almost all of the positions.  That way you’re only working half the meet and can relax and enjoy the other half (or get those kids home to bed!).  You would report to your post about 15 minutes early, get any instructions from the head honchos, and proceed with your job duties until your shift is over.

How long is my volunteer job at a meet?

Each shift is roughly half the meet.  It’s broken down by number of events, so the actual time may vary depending on how fast the meet is going, but assume about an hour and a half.

Why do some meet positions require training?

It is largely for the sake of consistency. Some positions are technical in nature (stokes & turns, referee, starter) so these are trained to meet USA swimming requirements. Other positions are “trained” merely to ensure that all pools are running the meets the same way and the kids know what to expect. If you are curious about any of the trained positions, please check out our Meet Positions page to find out more.

Are there volunteer opportunities outside of the meets?

Yes!  We have the Parent Committees.  These are groups that work together on some of the larger chunks of behind-the-scenes, such as Concessions and Spirit Events.  Click on Parent Committees to find out more specifics.  There will also be opportunities to help with specific events such as fundraisers or Spirit activities.

What’s involved in being on a Parent Committee?

Parent Committees start BEFORE the swim season gets under way, and may continue through the off season.  Depending on the committee’s focus, it might involve in-person meetings or just emails back and forth (or a mixture of both).  It is a season-long commitment to be on a committee, but you won’t be spending all your free time working.  Click on Parent Committees to find out more.

How can I let you know I'm interested in volunteering?

You can always send us an email at [email protected] or flag us down at practice.