This team can't exist without VOLUNTEERS!!!  In addition to volunteers to help run our meets, we are looking for volunteers to join the following parent-led committees:


This committee is primarily concerned with making sure that all volunteer slots at the meets are filled.  One volunteer coordinator and a couple of assistants would be ideal.


This committee is responsible for the coordination and planning of activities and events intended to strengthen team camaraderie and promote team spirit.  This includes things like organizing swimmers to create posters for meets, having team-building activites outside of practice times, etc. This committee is also in charge of planning the end of season party and awards event.


The concessions committee is responsible for the sale of refreshments at home meets.  The committee leader does need to be present in the concession stand during meets.

  • Maintain an inventory of all perishable and non-perishable stored concession material
  • Review current concessions offerings and decide on changes to pricing/options
  • Solicit helpers to prepare, sell, and clean on home meet nights
  • Set up concessions one hour prior to meet start
  • Coordinate cleanup following end of meet

Questions about becoming a member of one of these committees?  Email [email protected].