Each meet requires a small army of volunteers in order to run smoothly.  The visiting team will provide some workers too, but there are about 80 volunteer slots for each meet, and most of the trained positions are filled by the home team.  That’s why it’s critical we have multiple people trained in each of those positions.

Please see FAQ-Volunteering for more info.

These positions require training:

Referee (Home meets only)

This person is KEY.  Responsible for enforcing the JRAC rules at the meet.  We'd love to have 3 people trained for this job so that each person only has to referee one meet in a season.  This is the only position that has to work the entire meet.

Strokes & Turns Judge (Both home & away)

These people determine that each stroke is executed properly. When the strokes are not properly executed, these judges are empowered to disqualify swimmers. Training and fairness are crucial. We need AT LEAST 10 people trained for this job, but the more we have the better!

Announcer (Home meets only)

This is the master of ceremonies so to speak. They will introduce the event in the pool and any additional announcements needed over the course of the meet. We need at least 3 people trained for this job.

Clerk of Course (Both Home and away)

This is the official who calls up the swimmers before their events, and assigns the swimmers heats and lanes. Several assistants are needed. This job requires a disciplined nature, a love of children, and a threshold for chaos.  We need at least 4 people trained for this job.

Head Table Lead (Home meets only)

This person coordinates efforts at the head table, where times and ribbons are processed. We need at least 3 people trained for this job.


Operate the computer that records all swimmers’ times. We need at least 3 people trained for this job.

Head Timer (Home meets only)

Runs “back up” watches in case one does not get started properly and organizes/instructs the timer volunteers. We need at least 3 people trained for this job.

Starter (Home meets only)

These are the officials who start each race with the strobe light and buzzer system. This requires organization, a steady hand, an aura of authority, and some training.  We need at least 2 people trained for this job.


These positions do NOT require training:

Timer (both home & away)

Handles a stopwatch for each event.  We always need between 10-20 timers at EACH meet PER SHIFT (depending on the number of lanes the pool has).  

Runner (Home meets only)

We need runners to take DQ cards from the judges to the head table, and a runner to give out Heat Winner ribbons.

Table worker (Both home & away)

Assists the Head table worker with processing swimmer times and verifying that scores were entered correctly.  Need at least 3 per meet shift.

Setup/Breakdown (Home meets only)

Help set up the pool before meets and put it back to normal after.  The more the merrier!


And extra hands are always welcome to fill in odd jobs!