Meet Volunteer Job Descriptions

Volunteering is important for our swim team to be successful.  Each family must fulfill 12-15 job points in a season.  Unless noted most jobs satisfy 3 job points.  

Season-Long Jobs: Signing up for one of these jobs fulfills all or half of your volunteer requirements.  Note: A fireworks booth shift and a Champs shift are still required.

  • Swimmer and Volunteer Check-In: (completes full volunteer requirements) Prepares clipboards for Swimmer Line-up (Age Group) Coordinators before the day of the meet.  Transports clipboards, check-in equipment/supplies, and team canopy to the meet.  Arrives early to set up check-in area and team canopy and to check-in swimmers and volunteers.  Reports any scratches to the Computer Chair.   Is responsible for returning the clipboards & aprons, team canopy, and supplies to the BH office at the end of the season.  Must be at every meet.
  • Ribbon Coordinator: (completes full volunteer requirements) Affixes the stickers to the event ribbons and double checks that the swimmers’ name, event, and time are correct on the event place ribbon.  Files all ribbons and leaves them in the pool office.  Orders ribbons as needed.
  • Coaches Gift Coordinator: (Half of your volunteer requirements) Coordinate coaches' gifts from the team to be gifted at the awards party.
  • Trophy Coordinator: (Half of your volunteer requirements) Work with the coaches and board to determine what type of trophies or medals will be used this year.  Purchase these (to be reimbursed by the team) so they are ready for the awards ceremony at the end of the season.
  • Computer Scorer (2 individuals): (completes full volunteer requirements)  These 2 individuals will work with Kristin Speck, our Briarhill computer chair.  Between Kristin and the 2 individuals, we will split up the 4 meets so that two of us are covering each meet (one for each half).  During the meet, you will enter times into the system (when manual timing occurs) or ensure that the automatic dolphin timing is working correctly.  DQs will also get entered manually into the system.  The computer is always set up at a prime location with one of the best views of the pool under a tent.  It's a great place to watch the swim meet while also getting real-time access to all the kids' swim times.  This is a great job for people who like data and are comfortable with basic computer work.  Volunteering for half of 3 meets will fulfill your volunteer commitment for the season.
  • Stroke and Turn Judge (3 individuals): (completes full volunteer requirements) These 3 individuals will receive training from the Tri-Valley Swim League and will also receive guidance from our board members Jason Wigand and Kristin Speck.  Between the three individuals, you will split up the 5 meets so that two judges are available for each meet (one for each half).  During the meet, you will watch half the lanes and mark any swimmer who has a stroke infraction on the given forms.  Due to this volunteer job requiring training and a high level of focus, you have less of a time commitment at swim meets than other volunteer jobs.  Volunteering for half of 2-3 meets will fulfill your volunteer commitment for the season (note: we realize it's not an even split with only 5 meets and the 3 judges can work out how to split up the 10 total time commitments).  Note: there is an expectation at Champs that these individuals will fulfill their Champs volunteer commitment by being stroke and turn judge for some portion of Champs. 
  • Party Planner (2 individuals): Plan 3 parties and food for the awards banquet.  A budget will be provided by the board so that some food can be catered.  Responsible for sending out the sign-up genius for any potluck style parties and reserving park time for park parties.  You will have party helpers for set-up, food serving, and clean-up.  Dates of parties: June 8 at Mape, June 26 at Briarhill, July 17 at Briarhill and July 21st (award ceremony) at Kolb
  • Snack Bar Coordinator: You would be in charge of planning and purchasing food for the two hosted meets.  You would purchase the food prior to the meet and bring to the swim meet. No grilling at this time. You would not need to be at the snack bar the whole meet just helps the volunteers set up and go over the menu/prices. Then get the second half of the snack bar volunteers up to speed and ready to run the snack etc. 
  • Swim-A-Thon Coordinator: You would be in charge of overseeing and running the day of the swim-a-thon (6/26), ordering the donuts, getting juice and getting the raffle prizes for the swimmers. You will have volunteers for the setup, cleanup and counters. The board will provide a budget for donuts and small things. The raffle prizes were in general donated, and a prior year list will be provided.  

Meet Jobs at Every Meet: Sign in to the system and select Events, click on the "Sign up for a Job" button for the event you want. Click on any open job.

  • Age Group Coordinator: Organizes children in a specified age/gender group to make sure swimmers are at starting blocks before the race begins. 
  • Timers: Meet with the Head Timer before the first race. Will time each race in an assigned lane, with a partner from the opposing team.  One timer in each lane will record swimmers’ times on timer sheets.  Shifts are split into the First Half and Second Half.

Meet Jobs only when Briarhill Hosts: Sign in to the system and select Events, click on the "Sign up for a Job" button for the event you want. Click on any open job.

  • Set-up: Must be at Briarhill pool at 5pm the Friday before we host the meet to get equipment.  Must be able to bring some equipment (smaller car is okay as long as trunk and backseat is available for gear).  Arrive by 6:50am.  Place the meet equipment in the proper place, including setting up the announcing system and starter.   Empties garbage cans, replace them with clean garbage bags and takes garbage to the dumpster as needed during the first half of the meet.  Must not have a problem lifting.
  • Starter: Works the starter system, announcing "swimmers, take your mark" and operating the start horn. Acts as the official false start judge for each race and is responsible for calling back the swimmers if an early start occurs.  They must issue a warning for the first time and stop the race asking the swimmer to exit the water if they leave early a second time.  Shifts are split into the First Half and the Second Half.  At each meet, Jason Wigand will be training individuals who sign up for this job.
  • Announcer: Announces the start of the meet, and race, heat, lane, and swimmers name for each race.  Must be comfortable reading a meet sheet and speaking into a microphone.  Shifts are split into the First Half and Second Half.  At each meet, Kristin Speck will be training individuals who sign up for this job.
  • Clean-up: Empties garbage cans, replaces with clean garbage bags, and takes garbage to the dumpster as needed during the second half of the meet.  Stays after Home meet ends to clean the pool area and reset the grounds back to normal requirements.  Must not have a problem lifting.  Must have space in car to transport gear back to Briarhill.  Larger car preferred, but smaller car with backseat and trunk is also okay.
  • Runner: Collects timer sheets and DQ sheets to give to the scoring table.  Shifts are split into the First and Second Half.
  • Head Timer: Distributes and collects timers at meets.  Conduct meeting for all timers at home meets to train and/or review timing procedures.  Times all races and steps in for a lane if a timer malfunctions. Shifts are split into the First and Second Half.
  • Snack Bar (if we have one): Assist in the operation of the snack bar.  Will need to be comfortable handling money, cooking, and serving food. Shifts are split into 2 per meet.  The first shift includes set-up and the second shift includes clean-up.  May also need to transport food and/or equipment to and/or from the meets.

Misc. Volunteer Jobs: Points for these jobs are to be determined. 

We will need help with set-up and food serving at our parties, picture day help, swim-a-thon lap counters, and potentially others.  Sign-up Genius will go out for these events to volunteer.