Financial Assistance Fund

Through the generous donation of a Trails Swim Team family our team will offer financial assistance to up to five
swimmers this season. Please read the following if you are interested in applying for financial aid
towards registration costs this season:

1. Swimmer(s) must attend at least 70% of all practices.
2. Swimmer(s) and family must fulfill volunteer & fund-raising requirements over the course of the
3. Swimmers shall demonstrate integrity to their own development as a swimmer as well as to the
4. Must be able to demonstrate financial need or extenuating family circumstances.

Application Process:
1. Individuals may begin the application process for financial assistance by completing the form
below and sending a completed copy to [email protected].
2. Application must be made by May 1, 2024.
3. The Treasurer, along with 2 Board Members, shall review the financial assistance applications.
All information provided shall be kept confidential.
4. All applications must allow two weeks for processing. Applicants will be notified by email or
phone of their funding status.
5. Applications will remain anonymous; excluding the board members on the committee to select recipients. In some occassions, additional board members may be consulted as needed.

Guidelines for Approval/Denial:
1. Financial Assistance Application must contain complete and true information. Incomplete or
falsified information shall result in denial of requests.
2. Applicants must meet the requirements of eligibility described in the eligibility section.
3. Financial assistance will be towards membership registration for the current year and will not be
counted toward the family fee or a multi swimmer discount if other siblings register for Trails.
4. All program participants granted financial assistance shall remain in good standing with Trails
Swim Team. Unsportsmanlike conduct and/or conduct detrimental to our team shall be grounds
for removal of all financial assistance present and future.
5. Recipients will remain anonymous.