Certificate of Incorporation


Certificate of Registration


Articles of Association

CIASA is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee, not having a share capital under the Companies Law of the Cayman Islands and is registered as a non-profit organisation under the Non-Profit Organisations Law of the Cayman Islands. The constitutional documents of CIASA consists of its Memorandum and Articles of Association.


Vision, Values and Objectives

Each year, the Board of Directors of CIASA sets the Vision, Values and Objectives in an effort to set the direction, and continue the success and development, of CIASA, its programmes and other initiatives.


Committee Terms of Reference 


Strategic Plan

The purpose and objective of the Strategic Plan is to set out the most advantageous and positive direction for Cayman Islands Swimming, with clear and identified objectives for swimming at all levels. As such, a framework needs to be established that clearly outlines the strategic and operational direction of CIASA to all stakeholder groups and which will provide an integrated and systematic approach to achieving the strategic outcomes identified in this document. 

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