Virginia Swimming Scholarship Information
2024 Application Now Open!

The Virginia Swimming Scholarship Committee awards scholarships to four athletes graduating from high school each year.  

The goal of the scholarship is to acknowledge athletes who have given back to the sport by involvement in the swimming community. Any high school graduating senior who is currently registered with Virginia Swimming and has been for two or more years is eligible for this scholarship. 

The scholarship application form and all required documents must be completed and returned to the Virginia Swimming business office no later than January 31. The application will be considered to be complete when the following documents have been received:

  1. Completed Scholarship Application including the list of community with sponsor signatures, clubs/activities with years of involvement, and essay.
  2. High School Transcript
  3. Completed Coach Recommendation Form
  4. Completed Recommendation Form from an Individual Outside of Swimming

2024 VSI Scholarship Application
****Make a copy of the application form (File-->Make a Copy), then rename your copy.****
******Do not enter your information into the form at the link.******

Congratulations to the 2024 VSI Scholarship Recipients

Cassie Bauer (NOVA), Grace Bentley (ESY), Josie Crum (PSDN),
Eliza Fleenor (VABR), Charlie Mayr (NOVA)