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Start Here to Train in An Initial Officiating Position (Administrative Official, Timing Equipment Officer or Stroke & Turn Official)

Start Here to Train in An Advanced Officiating Position (Chief Judge, Starter, Referee)

VSI New Apprentice Official FAQ (read first)
Becoming an Administrative Official
Becoming a Timing Equipment Operator
Becoming a Stroke and Turn Official
Becoming a Chief Judge
Becoming a Starter
Becoming a Referee
General Information VSI Training Clinic Schedule
USA-S Officials Certification Standards for Utilization by LSC Officials  Updated 5-8-24
USA-S Officials Certification Standards FAQ  
Updated 5-8-24
USA-S Rules and Regulations
VSI Clinics for Administrative Official, Chief Judge, Starter, Referee

See "Becoming a Stroke and Turn Official" for link to the required USA-S courses

Administrative Official (AO)

Timing Equipment Operator (TEO)

VSI Clinic Presentation (coming soon)
The Professional Administrative Official
Hy-Tek Meet Manager 8 Manual
Hy-Tek Meet Manager 7 Manual

PVS Self-Paced Timing Equipment Operator Course Link
Colorado Timing System Manuals

DAKTRONICs System Operator Manual​
Daktronics Omnisport 2000 Pro Manual

Stroke & Turn Official (ST)

Chief Judge (CJ)

Stroke and Turn Situations and Resolutions
How to Fill Out the DQ Slip
The Professional Stroke and Turn Official

VSI Chief Judge Clinic Presentation
The Professional Chief Judge

Starter (SR)

Referee (DR)

VSI Starter Clinic Presentation
Starter and Referee Situations and Resolutions
False Start Scenarios
The Professional Starter

VSI Referee Clinic Presentation
Starter and Referee Situations and Resolutions
The Professional Deck Referee
The Professional Adminstrative Referee

VSI Training Records *