Sponsors & Partners

Westley | Head Coach

He has over 20 years of coaching experience, including starting both a club and university team. He is a two-time University Coach of the Year in Puerto Rico, winning a Puerto Rican collegiate championship five years after starting the program. He built a club team from the ground up, coaching four swimmers who made the national age group team in the process. He has been highly successful, moving every program he has led forward. Coach Westley impressed us with his passion for coaching, his knowledge about the sport, his embodiment of Gold’s Gym PNW core values, and his track record. We believe he is the best candidate to grow our club and make us one of the top teams in the state while continuing to make GAC a great club for swimmers of all ages, backgrounds, and ability levels. Westley was enthusiastically endorsed by swimmers, several parents, and members of GAC’s coaching staff. Most recently he was the coach for (PAC) Portland aquatic club where he had 2 Jr. Nationals qualifiers, 2 USA swimming top 10 ranked, 5 futures qualifiers, 15 Sectionals Qualifiers and 32 Club records.

Abbie | Coach

Abbie has several years of experience as a swim coach, instructor, and competitive swimmer. She has a Master of Science degree in Integrative Nutrition from NUNM, where she focused on childhood and sports nutrition. She also holds several NASM training and fitness certifications that support her in this position. In her free time, you can almost always find her playing outside with her rescue pups, traveling with her husband in their adventure bus, or paddling on the river. Her other hobbies include pottery, cooking, rock climbing, yoga, guitar, and anything nature-related. "I look forward to swimming with you! I am so happy to be a part of this exciting team and to be serving the Camas community"