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Gold's Aquatics Club (GAC) is committed to promoting a nurturing and safe environment for its swimmers.

USA Swimming is continually improving the programs and services it offers to its members.  One of the most important relates to the safeguards for protecting young athletes. Committed to fostering a fun, healthy, and safe environment for all its members, USA Swimming implemented a comprehensive Safe Sport program to respond to and prevent instances of abuse and misconduct within the sport of swimming. Since 2010, USA Swimming Safe Sport has worked tirelessly to educate members, put policies in place, and empower LSCs and clubs to create the best possible environments for all members. 

Full implementation of the Safe Sport Program involves six key components:

  1. Policies and Guidelines
  2. Screening and Selection
  3. Training and Education
  4. Monitoring and Supervision
  5. Recognizing, Responding, and Reporting
  6. Grassroots Engagement and Feedback

Visit the USA Swimming Safe Sport Page for the most up-to-date information. They have tools such as dealing with concerns, a club tool kit, MAAPP information, code of conduct policies, and more.

Gold's Aquatics Club makes it a top priority to keep our athletes safe. 

NO form of abuse has a place on our team or in our sport.

We are committed to providing a safe, healthy, and supportive environment for all of our athletes. GAC's top priority is keeping our swimmers safe. No form of abuse has a place in our club. The USA Swimming Code of Conduct and SafeSport policies enable GAC to accomplish its goals of affording children the opportunities:

  • to learn and participate in the sport of swimming,
  • to participate in swimming competition at all levels,
  • to learn about good nutrition and its importance in competitive sports,
  • to participate in instructional, as well as competitive swimming, regardless of background, and
  • to learn new skills and self-discipline.

USA Swimming and the US Center for Safe Sport have provided best practice guidelines that help define elements of appropriate behavior and conduct. 

For questions, concerns, and more, contact Safe Sport Coordinator and HR Professional Cara Murphy, directly – (360) 834-8506 or follow the Grievance Policy.

GAC Policies and Forms

Safe Sport Concerns

Please call, text, or use the provided link to get in touch with the appropriate people.

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(719) 866-4578 

Reports may be made anonymously. There is no cost/fee associated with filing a report.


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