Work for the YMCA of Greater DM & receive Staff Program Benefits!

Work for the YMCA of Greater Des Moines

The YMCA of Greater Des Moines currently offers program benefits for actively employed staff towards our swim teams in addition to an employee membership to the YMCA. Examples of an "actively employed staff" would be an employee who is lifeguarding a shift a week or teaching swim lessons (committed for the entire swim lesson session). In order to receive this employee benefit for swim team, employees need to work a minimum of four shifts per month (a shift must be a minimum of 2 hours). The benefit is then applied to your account at the end of the month that it has been worked.

The program benefits available only apply to the monthly program fees and do not include dry land training, meet fees, team apparel, etc.

  • Full-Time Staff – applies to the staff member and their immediate family members
  • Part-Time Staff – applies to only the staff member***

Travel Team: Discount 25% off the Member Rate – Staff pays 75% of the stated Member Fee

Masters: Discount 50% off the Member Rate – Staff pays 50% of the stated Member Fee

Branch Practice Sites Youth Swim Team: Discount 100% off the Member Rate – Staff pays NO fee (yes, you read that correctly ~ $zero!)

** The discount is good for ONLY the part-time employee.  For example, if you are the parent who is employed by the YMCA of Greater Des Moines, the discount applies to the parent's programs (not the swimmer).  If a member of the swim team is the part-time employee, then they receive the part-time staff benefit.  For example, if a Travel Team swimmer is a lifeguard at one of our YMCAs and works a shift a week, then they receive the program benefit towards their monthly Travel Team dues.

*** In order to receive a discount on your team account, you must email the swim team admin a confirmation from your supervisor that you are actively employed and qualify for the discount.  Confirmations will need to be sent each month that you are active in the program.