Want to swim in one of our USA sanctioned events but your team isn't coming? Swim Unattached!


Sometimes your competition goals and the meet schedule don't line up, maybe your club doesn't swim year-round, or perhaps you're back from college and want to swim in your old club team's summer event. What ever the reason, swimmers are allowed to apply to swim Unattached at most events. Entry is not guaranteed but the worst a meet director can do is say no. They are too busy to come to your house and remove the batteries in your tv's remote control.


1. Download the Meet Invite and the APP-7 Handwritten Entry form from the Host's website.
2. Read the Meet Invite carefully. You are responsible for knowing all the entry limits and deadlines.
3. Submit the APP-7 Handwritten Entry form along with your payment so it is received by the deadline listed in the meet invite.

Other Considerations

Younger swimmers may not feel comfortable swimming Unattached if they do not have friends from other teams present. Parents are not allowed on deck at any time unless they are a credentialed volunteer.

Warm-up starts must be supervised by a certified coach on deck. 
Since you will have no coach present, if you would like to participate in warm-up starts consider reaching out to a team that is attending to ask to warm-up with their team.