Be a part of the action!
The Greater Des Moines YMCA Marlin Swim Team (DSMY) is an athlete centered, coach driven, parent supported organization. Volunteering is a team requirement.

There are many ways you can help.

  1. Volunteer at swim meets. Our greatest need is swim meets. DSMY hosts 20+ meets each year. Each of these meets needs over 15-30 volunteers to run successfully. Most jobs (e.g. Timer, Runner, Announcer, Meet Marshal, Concession Stand, Hospitality, Awards. Greeter) require very little training and are a great way to be close to the action during a meet. Several specialized jobs (e.g. Meet Director, Entry Chair, Computer Operator) require additional training, but DSMY will provide this training during one or more of our swim meets. You will be directed to an online signup as an DSMY hosted meet approaches. Please help us make these events a success for the team and for your kids!
  2. Become a swim official. Swim officials require certification costs that are covered by the team. We need both YMCA and USA Swimming officials to cover the variety of meets we offer.  There are three+ different position "levels" offered through both organizations. Each training has online and in person training (shadowing at a meet). Being an official can be a demanding, but rewarding position where you will learn all the technical rules of swimming and help make our meets fair and equitable. Follow our "Officials" tab for the most up to date training opportunities.
  3. Just volunteer! There are many other volunteer positions that need your help with our practice site booster clubs and committees.