Waukee Family YMCA
210 N. Warrior Lane
Waukee, IA 50263

Head Practice Site Coach
Karyl Palmer, YMCA & USA
[email protected]

Iowa grad Coach Karyl in Jack Trice Stadium (RAGBRAI 2023, Ames)

Waukee Assistant Coaches

Mindy Peterson, YMCA & USA

Bryan Rowland, YMCA & USA
Debra Straw, YMCA & USA
Andrew Bovard, YMCA
Ashley Bovard, YMCA
Cyndi Gershenoff, YMCA
Alissa Mills, YMCA
Allie Hofman, YMCA
Maddie Koppin, YMCA
Jess Smith, YMCA

Join our Team

Potential new members are asked to complete an evaluation before registration. During the evaluation process, your child will be expected to swim freestyle and backstroke. They will also be asked to attempt breaststroke and butterfly if they know those strokes. Swimmers will also be offered the chance to attempt diving into the pool. 

​​​This practice site has filled its Spring/Summer 2024 rosters.
Please consider one of our other practice sites: Walnut Creek or Wellmark.

Marlin Prep 

Marlin Prep is a transitional pre-swim team program bridging the gap from swim lessons to our competitive swim team. Marlin Prep, designed for ages 5-14, runs concurrently with DSMY Marlin swim teams.  All swimmers will be evaluated during tryout to determine safety in the water by swimming 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke, and may be referred to swim lessons. Our goal is to determine swim team readiness. We will cover the following:

  • Short course (25 yard) emphasis
  • Stroke technique & kicking based
  • Fine tune freestyle and backstroke, master side breathing
  • Introduction to breaststroke and butterfly
  • Introduction to flip turns and racing starts
  • Understanding of swimming language and practice etiquette


Waukee Practice Schedule

Early Season Start Date: Monday, April 8
Season Start Date: Monday, May 6

Spring/Summer 2024 
(subject to change- last updated 3/1/2024)
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 5th Practice**
White* 5:10 - 5:55 PM
6:00 - 6:45 PM
5:10 - 5:55 PM
6:00 - 6:45 PM
5:10 - 5:55 PM
6:00 - 6:45 PM
5:10 - 5:55 PM
6:00 - 6:45 PM
See Event Calendar
Purple 6:50 - 8:05 PM 6:50 - 8:05 PM 6:50 - 8:05 PM 6:50 - 8:05 PM See Event Calendar
Blue/Bronze 5:15 - 6:45 PM 5:15 - 6:45 PM 5:15 - 6:45 PM 5:15 - 6:45 PM See Event Calendar

*White roster members will be assigned one of these times.
*Fifth practices, in order to have long course practice, will be at the Wellmark YMCA when available. Otherwise, 5th practices will be at Sundays at Waukee. Downloadable 5th practice calendar.

NO PRACTICE May 27, July 4

Spring/Summer 2024 Meet Schedules

All meets are listed under the Event Registration tab.

Printable Meet Calendars



Season* Fees

Spring/Summer 2024 Minimum** Season Fee
(May & later starts)
Early Season
(April start)
White $307.50 $410.00
Purple $363.75 $485.00
Blue/Bronze $397.50 $530.00

Due to space and time limitations, some practice sites will fill their available roster spots. Swimmers are encouraged to register early to ensure a roster spot.

A swimmer’s training season is over after their last qualified championship meet. Training fees after the season championship meet will be prorated for athletes qualified for additional competitions.

The Marlin Swim Team is NOT a monthly program. Installment billing is available as a convenience to our families only. The entire season minimum fee will be collected regardless of start date. Installment billing is not available for registrations after May 31, 2024.

Refunds, partial credits, or discounts on registration and meet fees are not available for missed practices and/or meets due to vacations, absence due to temporary illness, voluntarily leaving the team early, lack of attendance, or involuntary separation due to misconduct.

Membership in the YMCA of Greater Des Moines is required for all DSMY Marlin members during their season. Athletes must be current on both their YMCA and Marlin fees to participate in meets.

*Season fees do not include YMCA memberships, USA Swimming membership, or meet fees. Multi-Swimmer Discounts are available at the Practice Site locations only when registering all family members at the same time. 10% discount for two swimmers, 15% discount for three swimmers and 20% discount for four or more swimmers in the family. (Discount does not apply to or with Travel Team swimmers.) Additionally, the YMCA offers financial assistance to those in need. Contact your practice site Welcome Center for information.            

** This is the minimum fee to participate in the Marlin swim team program. Swimmers starting after November will still pay this entire amount.

High School Participation Fees (Fall/Winter season only)

High school aged swimmers in grades 9-12 are eligible for a special rate schedule when they choose to participate in their high school swim team. Junior high/middle school team participants are NOT eligible.

ALL high school swim team participants must register for the season by September 1st to ensure their roster spot and maintain their eligibility for competition in USA and YMCA meets as well as DSMY Marlin team functions.

2023 High School Girls Season: August 7, 2023- November 11, 2023
2023-24 High School Boys Season: November 6, 2023- February 10, 2024

 High School ONLY





 Post Season

 Practice Site Girls






 Practice Site Boys







Financial Assistance

The YMCA of Greater Des Moines offers financial assistance to families making under $50,000 annually. If you would like more information about the financial assistance program please contact Shayna Smith, Waukee Family YMCA Financial Assistance Specialist at 515-868-0518 or by email at shayna.smith@dmymca.org.

Marlin Prep Clinics
A shorter version of our Marlin Prep season program, summer Marlin Prep clinics provide exposure to  swim team. No additional swim team tryouts are necessary for clinic participants.

July 24-27, 5:30 PM - 6:15 PM

If you are unable to attend the Marlin Prep clinic at Waukee, please register for and plan to attend a clinic at either Walnut Creek or Wellmark and email 
Coach Karyl Palmer.