Olympic prospects (OP)

Olympic Prospects  (OP) is MAC's pre-competitive development program.  OP is designed to establish a strong technical foundation in all four competitive strokes while instilling a love of swimming so that children and families enter the sport of competitive swimming with an opportunity for lifelong enrichment. 

To join, every new swimmer must go through an assessment. The assessment is required to determine if the swimmer is ready for the program and what level best suits the swimmer.  Assessments are by appointment, are conducted in groups of 6-8 swimmers, and lasts 25-35 minutes. 

Please email [email protected] to book an assessment. Refer to our Membership page for what to bring to the assessment.


oP program DIRECTOR

[email protected]




Parent reps act as a liaison between the coach, the parents, the club and its members. To reach your OP parent rep, email [email protected]



2023-24 Olympic Prospects Practice Schedule

as of January 1st 2024


September/October 2023 schedule


November/December 2023 schedule


December 2023/January 2024


March/April 2024 schedule


April/May 2024 schedule


May/June 2024 schedule


Swim Meets for OP 


2023/2024 OP swim meets


2023/2024 Swim Ontario time standards


Pool Locations


Results for OP in-house Swim Meets


2023 December OP in-house #1


2024 March OP in-house  #2



PROGRAM description


OPAA, OPA, OPB, OPC and OPD are part of a progression through the various skills that support competitive success in the sport of swimming. The program moves from smaller group learning to larger group practices, generally for swimmers 10 years old and younger.


OPDev is part of the progression through OP into Competitive programs, and can include swimmers 11 and over that have not (yet) attained the requisite swim speed for Competitive programs


Entrance into the OP program

Swim technique in the four competitive strokes and a dive start are assessed at a MAC OP tryout; and kick speed is measured with a 25 metre timed kick. Tryouts are scheduled by emailing [email protected].


Reassignment within the OP program

1. Learning capacities: Attention, Change, Retention and Flow/Sequencing

        An essential criteria for moving through the program, and becoming a better swimmer athlete, is being a self learner, taking responsibility for: 

  • being attentive in practice
  • being aware of skill changes required to improve strokes, and willing/capable to make those changes
  • putting effort into retaining changes to skills
  • taking skill changes and integrating them into full stroke flow/sequencing

2. Skill scores: as measured by stroke technique assessment (all 4 strokes and a dive start, each scored out of 3, total out of 15)


3. Speed: timed 25 kick 


Reassignment into Competitive programs

Based on training speed, and competitive results

Practice Structure

  • activation/orientation on deck
  • swimming and skills and kicking effort
  • games, relays, speed

Daily Expectations for Swimmers

  • Listens and tries to do what the coach says
  • Courteous and respectful with the coaches
  • Courteous and respectful with other swimmers in the pool
  • Comes to practice with a good attitude
  • Fosters teamwork and sportsmanship

Practice Guidelines

Teach and continue to improve the basic swimming fundamentals:

  • Body Position, stack and lock streamline
  • Properly kick all four strokes
  • Properly swim all 4 strokes
  • Use pace clock and understand lane sharing (circle swimming)
  • Starts and Turns
  • Breathing Patterns for Free and Fly
  • Introduce the concept of body dolphin swimming
  • Team Cheers
  • Goal Setting


There will be 2 developmental swim meets for Olympic Prospects, 2 'practice' meets, as well as 1-2 competitive meets for qualified swimmers. Schedule to be determined.

Criteria to Exit to Competitive Stream - "Graduation" (On Coach's Approval)

  • Streamline off every wall with a stack and lock. Be able to push off, back, side, stomach.
  • Has knowledge and can execute at least three core drills pertaining to each stroke
  • Is comfortable doing short and long axis turns.
  • Has four legal strokes maintaining proper body position
  • Has a legal 100 IM
  • Has a basic practice habit (per practice document)
  • Legal starts and finishes.
  • Understands and can display good sportsmanship
  • Understands changing pace / speed adjustment
  • Age Recommendation: at least 7 years of age to 10 years of age

Equipment Required

Goggles Mandatory
Swim Cap Mandatory
Black Swim Suit Mandatory
Mesh Bag Mandatory
Kickboard Mandatory
Fins Mandatory
Pull Float Mandatory

Swim caps can be purchased from the office - please email [email protected] or speak to your coach on deck 

Equipment and Black Swim suits can be purchased from Ontario Swim Hub

As a member of Markham Aquatic Club, you have access to exclusive offers through the following retailer:

Ontario Swim Hub (Inside T&T Grocery Plaza) 8339 Kennedy Rd #2137 Markham, ON L3R 5T5