The National registration procedure requires all officials who wish to officiate at a sanctioned competition be registered ANNUALLY with Swimming Canada/Swim Ontario within two weeks (14 days) of commencing activity as an Official. All officials will be required to execute the consent forms through the Swimming Canada Registration system (RTR)  BEFORE attending an in-person clinic or officiating on deck.

Step 1: If you are new official, or need new account for family member, or new to RHAC but have been previously registered with another club. Email [email protected] with the name, birthday and email. Once received a confirmation email from the official chair, continue the following steps.

Step 2: Login into Swim Canada Registration. Click button "Complete Now" beside your name.

Step 3: Update your personal information, and click button "Continue to consent".

Step 4: Sign 2 consent forms.

Check ALL boxes in the yellow bar, sign with name and city, click sign button.

Step 5: Complete.