The Richmond Hill Aquatic Club is a competitive swim club with a development model that ends at the Olympic level. All groups are progressions to the Senior level where swimmers are expected to perform above an age group level. RHAC aims to develop swimmers to perform to their potential. The Club philosophy of growing Novice swimmers into Olympians follows the LTAD model provided by Swimming Canada, and uses an ever-expanding pool of knowledge by trained coaches to offer swimmers the best program possible.

All swimmers in RHAC must have the desire to improve and eventually enter the Senior group so that they can compete at the Senior National level. Swimmers need to have an open mind and be willing to learn within the RHAC program. Swimmers must adhere to the program of the particular group to which they belong entirely.

Coaching staff promises to offer the best and most intensive program possible, and will always go above and beyond the call of duty to see swimmers improve, under the condition that the swimmers want to improve within the program. Coaches volunteer extra time to those who show additional desire to improve. Coaching staff always puts in a reciprocal amount of effort that the athlete demonstrates, and always offers the opportunity for swimmers to advance, given their desire to do so.