(RHAC WhatsApp groups)


RHAC uses multiple ways of communicating with our swimmers and/or their parents. Email remains the only official form of communication with our members. However, we see value in pushing swim group related notifications via WhatsApp, to reach out faster to the swim group members when there are last minute changes/updates, we are on the go and without easy access to the TeamUnify email feature.

Participation in the RHAC WhatsApp groups is optional; important issues and notifications will still be sent via email.

RHAC staff and directors are monitoring the WhatsApp conversations and will try and provide answers to unanswered questions.

RHAC reserves the right to download and maintain records of conversations in each of the groups in order to add topics, questions and answers to the information on our website and also to monitor usage levels, but all this data will be maintained securely and no personal or identifying information will be published or made available outside the Club.

The following guidelines for use of the WhatsApp groups have been developed and will remain under review – comments and suggestions are welcome.  All users are required to abide by these guidelines in order to take part.

All users of the RHAC WhatsApp groups are asked to read and follow the rules listed below!

  • Use of the RHAC WhatsApp groups is open to all registered RHAC swimmers over 13 years of age, to their parents and/or legal guardians, provided that they follow the following rules.
  • Messages posted on the WhatsApp groups should be supportive and respectful of all other group users. Please keep your language moderate and your criticism constructive.
  • Respect the confidentiality of anything posted on the group; do not copy any of the group messages elsewhere.
  • Do not share the invitation link received to the WhatsApp group with other people.
  • Some group members may message you directly. There is no obligation to answer. If this direct personal approach does not suit you, please let the individual know, or refer it back to RHAC.
  • You are expected to be patient and allow new members to find their feet in this group. You are expected to give new members time, space and peace to observe, to watch conversations, to see how to communicate.
  • If you have concerns about any message posted on a WhatsApp group email your group coach and/or the General Manager at [email protected] and they will address the issue. If a group administrator considers a message inappropriate, they will contact the person who posted it and seek removal of the message if necessary.
  • The picture you choose for your WhatsApp profile will be visible to all other members. We ask that pictures used are not offensive or inappropriate.


Your mobile phone number is required to join WhatsApp. It is not possible to hide your mobile phone number in WhatsApp. Please be aware your mobile phone number, as well as the chosen profile picture is visible to anyone else in the same WhatsApp discussion group as you.  It is forbidden to misuse the mobile phone number of any other participant in the group.