In order to be certified in a position, an official requires two on-deck evaluations for that position.  An official should gain experience and confidence in making decisions related to that position before requesting an on-deck evaluation.

Why to obtain on-deck evalutaion:

  • RHAC award 5 points for one success deck evaluation.
  • Certified in a position and able to move up official level.
  • RHAC needs certified officials to be qualified running the meet.

When to request on-deck evaluation:

  • An official may request an on-deck evaluation after working at least 2 sessions gaining confidence in the position.
  • The more complicated position requires more deck experiences before requesting evalution.
  • The official must submit evaluation request before the session start.
  • For RHAC hosted meets, go to RHAC homepage -> Meets & Events -> meet page, fill "Official Deck Evaluation Request Form"
  • For away meets, contact host club's official chair.

How to succeed in on-deck evaluation:

  • Choose the right session to be evaluated: first session in a season is only to evaluate Timekeeper; Prelim and Time-Final sessions are mostly choosed, while Final sessions are usually too short to evaluate any position except Administration Desk.
  • For each position, on-deck evaluations must be obtained from 2 different meets.
  • In one meet, the official can request evaluation for different positions.
  • Before the session starts, make sure your request is in on site "On-Deck Evaluation Form" (see below sample)
  • Timekeeper: Able to use stopwatch correctly.
  • Inspector of Turns: the officials who request evaluation should be placed in the middle lanes. Officials can not be evaluated in Final sessions (too short) and long distance sessions (only freestyle).
  • Judge of Stroke: Able to know where to stand and start. Officials can not be evaluated in Final sessions (too short) and long distance sessions (only freestyle).
  • Chief Timekeeper: Able to do timekeeper brief during briefing time; assist Referee and CJE/CFJ; check on Timerkeeper and IT.
  • Administration Desk: Able to follow the procedure; able to work in all types session: Time-Final, Prelim and Final. one evaluation must be done in Final session.
  • Recorder: there is no evaluation for this position, but deck experience is prerequisite for CFJ/CJE and Meet Manager.
  • CJE/CFJ: one evaluation must be CFJ, which is only available in RHAC Fall Distance Duel.
  • Starter: meet all requirements listed in Starter Assessment Form
  • Meet Manager: Can be done in a meet that has 2 and more sessions.
  • After the meet, the official can check their On-Deck evaluation by viewing "Officiating Info" in RTR (registration.swimming.ca), not all requests can be granted.
  • It's highly recommended that the official take a photo of On-Deck Evaluations form after session.

To learn more, visit On-Deck Evaluation

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].