Pool Schedule 2024-2025

Y = North West YMCA
LAC = Lawson Aquatic Centre
UofR = University of Regina Pool
NWLC = North West Leisure Centre
SSLC = Sandra Schmirler Leisure Centre

*subject to changes without notice*

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


7-9AM Lawson  4:00-5:30pm Y 5:30-7AM Lawson   5:30-7 am lawson   7-9am Y
          7-8:30 pm Lawson 5:30-7 pm Lawson 4-5:30 pm Lawson
RED  6-8PM UofR   5:30-7AM Lawson   7-8:30 pm Lawson   7-9 am Y
              4-5:30 pm Lawson
BLUE 7-9AM Lawson 4:30-5:30pm Y     6-7 AM Lawson    
            5:30-7 pm Lawson  
WHITE   7:30-8:30pm UofR       7:30-8:30pm UofR 4-5:30pm Lawson
NON-COMP Integrated into competitive training groups        
2X/week MINI2     6:30-7:15 pm NWLC       1:30-2:15 pm SSLC
2X/week MINI3     7:30-8:30 pm NWLC       2:30-3:30 pm SSLC
 Mini 1 (one time per week only)     A -6:30-7 pm NWLC

B - 1:30-2pm   SSLC
C - 2:15-2:45pm SSLC
D - 3-3:30pm SSLC

1X/week mini 2             1:30-2:15 pm SSLC
1x/week mini 3             2:30-3:30 pm SSLC