RMAR Member Fundraising

RMAR tries to keep swimmer fees as low as possible. As a small club, RMAR requires the participation of all member families; competitive, non-competitive, and Mini Marlins, although not every fund raiser is mandatory.

RMAR Swim Meets

Sponsoring a Swim Meet is a big commitment for a swim club and generates revenue for the club through fees charged to participants, raffles and sale of programs. To make our Swim Meet a success, we need the help of every family -- Mini Marlins, Competitive and non-Competitive Families:

Mini Marlins and Non-Competitive families who do not have a competitive swimmer will be asked to:

  • Contribute food and beverages for the Hospitality Room where officials, volunteers and coaches are fed.
  • They are also encouraged to help out with other volunteer tasks, such as selling programs, selling raffle tickets, or officiating, if they are qualified

All Competitive Families are required to:

  • Work 3 shifts (approximately 4 hours each) at the RMAR 1½ day swim meet; or
  • Work 4 shifts (approximately 4 hours each) at the RMAR 2 day swim meet.
  • Provide, solicit or supplement (up to $10 which may be charged to your family account) the cost of raffle prize(s).
  • Bring food/drink as requested for the hospitality room.
  • There is a charge of $100 per missed shift.


Competitive Marlins Family Fundraising Fee (Competitive Swimmers Only)

All competitive Marlins swimmers pay a mandatory annual fundraising fee. Bingos can be worked to offset this fundraising fee. The annual fundraising fee will be divided and applied monthly to your account.  If your child moves to a different group during the season, your Family Fundraising Fee will be pro-rated.  See the Groups tab for information about fees.

Bingo (Optional for Minis and Non-Competitive; One Mandatory Bingo for Competitive Parents)

"Bingo season" is 12 months - September to August.

All families are welcome to work Bingos and the more Bingos we work, the more the club makes.  Bingo revenue contributes to rental of pool time.  When you work a Bingo, your family account is credited for $75.  If two people from your family work at a Bingo, you will receive a $150 credit. 

You can sign up for Bingo by clicking on the the Bingo drop down under the Fundraising link and then emailing [email protected] to inform of the date you wish to sign up for.  As well, please ensure you sign up at least 7 days in advance and if you must miss a shift, find an alternate worker or contact [email protected] and [email protected] at least 24 hours in advance.  Missed shifts will be charged $100. Additional information about Bingo is available below.

Swim-A-Thon (Optional)

We will have a Swim-a-thon in spring.  The Swim-a-thon has three objectives: team-building, goal-setting and fund-raising.  Swim-a-thon is organized through Swimming Canada with 90% of the proceeds flowing to the Club and the remaining 10% going to Swimming Canada.  Each swimmer sets a swimming goal with their coach and a fundraising goal with their parents.  Each family has an online portal to encourage friends and family members to support them.

Additional Options for Fundraising

Corporate Sponsorship

When approaching businesses for corporate sponsorship please use the following letter:

Regina Marlins Sponsorship Letter

Regina Marlins Sponsorship Menu

We have 4 levels of sponsorship. All Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors will be featured on our website:

  • Platinum - $5000 or over - Logo on Club T-shirts, Full page advertising in swim meet programs
  • Gold-$1000 to $4999 - , provide a 1/2 page ad in our swim meet heat sheets
  • Silver-$500 - $999 1/4 page ad in our swim meet heat sheets
  • Bronze-$250 - $499 - 1/8 page ad in our swim meet heat sheets
  • Contributor -- in-kind and prize donations -- Corporate name listed in our swim meet programs.

Personal Fundraising

A number of optional fundraising activities may also be available throughout the year. 70% of the net profit of any fundraising activity will be applied to the swimmer's account. The other 30% of the net profit would remain with the club. If you have an idea for a fund-raiser, contact anyone on the board.

More About Bingo

All of our Bingo dates on the Bingo drop down on Fundraising on our website and sends an email to let you know about the dates.  All Bingo events are at Fantasyland Bingo Centre located on Park and Victoria Ave behind the Burger King restaurant, 2029 Park St (306-565-0585).

On average there are around 4 to 5 bingo dates in the month to choose from. You can pick the date which will work for you. All workers must be 16 years of age or older.

On Bingo Day:

  1. Please arrive by 5:20 p.m. for evening Bingos and by 11:15 a.m. for early Bingos.
  2. PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL SO THAT WE CAN START SELLING PAPER ON TIME. It is very important that no one is late for their shifts in order for us to maintain a good reputation.
  3. When you arrive at the hall, check with the bingo captain regarding your assigned job and its duties.
  4. When the bingo is over, all workers must stay to help clean up. This only takes a few minutes when we all pitch in.