Regina Marlins Non-Competitive Swim Program

Our non-competitive swim program is designed for swimmers 12 and over or who have graduated our Mini Marlins Program who want to be involved in swimming, work on fitness and endurance but may not want to compete. These swimmers practice up to 3 hours each week in a group with other non-competitive swimmers.
Please inquire with our head coach for options for children under 12 years old if your child did not graduate from the Mini Marlins Program.

Joining as a non-competitive member is a great option for:

  • Cross-training with other sports
  • Developing swimming skills for Triathlon
  • Developing strength and endurance to complement swimming lessons or life-saving courses (e.g., Bronze Medallion)
  • Stroke improvement
  • Trying out the sport of speed swimming
  • Getting and staying fit

Regina  Marlins Swim Club Non-Competitive Fees 2023-2024

New Season!

Swim Natation Canada (SNC) Registration Fees - Swimming/Natation Canada (SNC) is the governing body for the sport of speed swimming in Canada.  SwimSask is the provincial section of SNC responsible for swimming in Saskatchewan.  All swimmers must be registered with SwimSask so they are covered by liability insurance.  This fee must be paid before participating in any activity with the club.  The fees are collected by the Regina Marlins and submitted to SwimSask:

Swim Sask Fees Non-Competitive: $30

(if there is any questions or concerns please refer to Swim Sask document Here)


Registration Fee1

           Monthly Fees2

Monthly Fees

(second swimmer)3

Regina Marlins Non-Competitive Fees - made up of 3 components:

  • Swim Sask Fee - see above
  • Annual Registration Fee
  • Monthly Swimming Fees


$100 $185


1. Annual Registration Fee - This fee is payable upon registration and is non-refundable. It covers items, such as administrative costs, a club swim cap for every swimmer, social activities and other small costs throughout the year.

2. Monthly Fees - These are your swimming fees and go towards coaching and pool time. Monthly fees are paid on the last day of each month. Fees may be pro-rated if a swimmer is unable to swim for an extended period of time due to illness or injury. Please contact the Treasurer to make arrangements. If you are moving or need to withdraw your child from the club for any reason, the Regina Marlins requires one month's written notice (30 days). The monthly fee obligation will terminate at the end of the month in which a swimmer withdraws from the club.

3. Second Swimmers: There is a discount offered for additional swimmers from the same family. The swimmer with the highest; monthly fee obligation pays the full fee and the discount is applied to the other swimmers in the family.

Subsidy: if you need support to cover the cost of your swim fees, you may be able to access support from Kidsport. for more information, go to