SJAC Volunteering

Why is volunteering a requirement? Each swim meet session requires approximately 60 volunteers in order for the meet to be sanctioned by USA Swimming. As a meet host, we are also required to provide food and drinks for coaches, officials, and volunteers who dedicate their entire weekend to running these meets. If those positions are not filled, or if we do not have enough donations, then it incurs additional expenses on the team, like paying facility managers or lifeguards to help with setup or cleanup, or purchasing food and drinks for concessions/hospitality, etc. In addition to meets, over our 9-month season, we have team bonding events, fundraising events, travel meets, and the end of year banquet that all require volunteers to run. Additional donation opportunities for our meets will also be available to those who are not able to attend meets or have limited availability to volunteer.
SJAC is using the following volunteer model for the 24-25 Season.
  • If your swimmer(s) is participating in a SJAC hosted meet (aside from the Gator Classic), you must either volunteer to work at least one session or you will be charged $30 on the first of the next month.  
  • Families will be able to volunteer for up to two sessions for two day meets; if there are still slots open closer to the meet, this number will be expanded
  • If your child participates in the Gator Classic Swim Meet, because it is a 4 day meet, you will be required to volunteer for at least 2 sessions at that meet or pay a $60 volunteer fee.
  • If your child does not swim in an SJAC hosted meet, you do not have to volunteer for the meet and you will not be charged for missed Volunteer hours.
  • This is a 'Per Family' requirement which means, if you have more than 1 swimmer at the meet, you are only required to work 1 session (or 2 at Gator Classic).  However, extra help is always greatly appreciated!
  • For away meets, volunteering is not a requirement, however it is strongly encouraged, and any admissions fees will be waived for those that volunteer at away meets.
  • Anyone who sits on the SJAC Parent Committee, or is a Team Rep for their group does not have to volunteer at swim meets.  To find available positions, go to the Parent Advisory Board page on the website.

This DOCUMENT discusses all of the volunteer positions. There is a description of each job available on the day of the meet. It truly takes everyone helping to run these meets at our facilities. Here is a LIST of tried-and-true catering items if you want to make hot food to serve at hospitality. We appreciate all of the help.

This was approved by the SJAC Parent Committee on Wednesday, June 18th. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].