SJAC Team Uniform Policy

All swimmers must adhere to this policy at swim meets.  Swimmers will not be permitted to participate in a swim meet if they are not in compliance with the Team Uniform Policy. 

  • Only authorized SJAC team t-shirts are allowed.  Homemade t-shirts, pants, jackets, etc. are not allowed at any time while at a swim meet. 
  • All swimmers should get into the habit of wearing sneakers and socks (to keep the feet warm) between events at swim meets. 
  • Swimmers are permitted to wear SJAC jackets or parkas on deck at swim meets in instances where they would like to stay a bit warmer. 
  • Jackets, parkas, bags, warm-ups, t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, sweatpants or any other article of clothing that shows the name, slogan, or logo of another team (including summer league teams, high school teams, and the Middle Atlantic Zone team) are not permitted at swim meets at any time.  These items are also not to be worn at any time while on a team travel trip.

Coaches/Meet Itinerary will inform all swimmers/parents of the T-Shirt colors for meets.