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Nutrition is an often overlooked part of an athlete's training.  Good nutritional habits will not only help young athletes grow bigger and stronger, it also will help them to perform better and stay healthy.  Below are some resources for parents and swimmers about nutrition and how it relates to competitive swimming.

USA Swimming's Nutrition Center
  - A great place to find articles and information about nutrition and swimming

The Links below are all PDF's which have been gathered from a variety of sources around the internet.

7 Signs the Young Swimmer Isn't Eating Enough Food

Athlete Eating Guidelines

The Importance of Breakfast

Eating Before Exercise

Fueling for Performance

Nutritional Advice for Competitive Swimmers
  - Includes a sample menu and examples of different energy sources

What Swimmers Should Know About Pre-Competition Meals

Quality Carbs

Sports Nutrition - The Importance of Eating for Recovery 

Sports Nutrition for Peak Performance and Health

Sports Nutrition 101



SJAC's Road Map to College Swimming

2021-2022 Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

Questions to help you find the right college (taken from USA

US News College Rankings - Provides tons of information on schools (class sizes, tuition, SAT scores, etc)



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Middle Atlantic Swimming



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