Club Safe Sport Coordinators


To that end, each club is asked to name a Safe Sport Coordinator during the annual club registration/renewal process.

Below are a list of USA Swimming Safe Sport resources that are invaluable to Club Safe Sport Coordinators.


If you are a newly-designated Club Safe Sport Coordinator or are an existing Club Safe Sport Coordinator with questions or in need of resources, please contact the Missouri Valley Swimming Safe Sport Chair, Jae Davis, by email at [email protected] or call (316) 759-9093.

 Club Safe Sport Coordinator Duties

 Club Toolkit

 Safe Sport Model Policies

 Safe Sport Merchandise for Clubs


Safe Sport requires that all USA Swimming member clubs have the following policies in place:

  • Team Travel
  • Electronic Communication
  • Anti-Bullying Plan


Safe Sport strongly recommends that clubs adopt the following policies:

  • Photography
  • Locker Room Monitoring


MAAPP Sample Forms

 Language for Meet

 Acknowledgement of Policy

 Permission for a Licensed Massage Therapist or Other Certified Professional or Health Care Provider to Treat a Minor Athlete

 Permission for an Unrelated Adult Athlete to Share the Same Lodging with a Minor Athlete

 Permission for a Mental Health Care Professional or Health Care Provider to have One on One Interaction

 Permission for an Unrelated Applicable Adult to Provide Local Transportation to Minor Athlete

 Permission for an Unrelated Applicable Adult to Travel to Competition with Minor Athlete