For Coaches


Coaches have the unique position of having direct impact and influence on the club’s athletes, parents, and other coaches. The role of coach comes with unlimited opportunity and serious responsibility. With that in mind, coaches have the unique position to set the safety tone and boundary expectations for the entire club. These things are all part of club culture. If you are serious about following Safe Sport, your swimmers and parents will be encouraged to do the same.

USA Swimming’s Safe Sport program and its resources are designed to empower coaches to create an environment of safety to protect both themselves and their swimmers from boundary violations.

The most advantageous resource for you and your club is the Safe Sport Recognition Program (SSRP). It is USA Swimming’s way to help clubs get their safety “house” in order and educate coaches, athletes, and parents at the club level. The program also helps the club define, set, and communicate its boundaries to everyone involved. Finally it empowers the coach and club leadership what action to take swiftly when a boundary violation occurs. Identifying and designating a Club Safe Sport Coordinator to help your club receive SSRP recognition and deal with Safe Sport education, questions, and incidents as they arise would would give you another partner in ensuring your club’s culture remains safe. Please see the Safe Sport Recognized Program tab for more information.