TITANS Core Values

TITANS Mission Statement:

"To Prepare every Swimmer for Optimal Performance and Leadership - Both in and out of the Water."


TITANS Vision:

To become one of the premier swim teams in the United States by providing a safe, healthy, and positive swim environment that serves swimmers at all levels of competition, from beginners to swimmers who seek to compete at the national and international level.


TITANS Objectives:

  • To promote a family atmosphere, aquatic safety, diversity and community involvement through all levels of swimming.

  • To provide swimmers and coaches with the necessary resources to learn, train, teach, and compete at their highest individual level of achievement.

  • To develop swimmers with great attitudes towards peers, competitors, coaches, and life.

  • To develop leaders in the classroom, in the workplace, in life, and in the water.

  • To continue to improve and expand aquatic programming throughout the Triangle. Allowing opportunity for the maximum number of individuals to benefit from TITANS programming while exceeding quality expectations and industry standards.


TITANS Team Philosophy:

The TITANS team strives to develop each athlete to reach their greatest individual potential. The TITANS coaching staff works to teach, train, and motivate swimmers to achieve their peak in the water, in the classroom, and in life. The positive experience that swimming provides will allow each TITAN to become successful young adults in today's society, developing a confident self image and healthy habits which are of the utmost importance.

The TITANS program instills an underlying understanding and appreciation for goal setting and achievement, self-motivation, team spirit, camaraderie, cooperation, time management ,and mental and physical toughness.