The  Triton Club is  our parent booster organization and a critical component of the TITANS ongoing success.  Triton Club membership fees are allocated to fund the needs of our swimmers and coaches. Over the past several years, we have supported over $40,000 in the following areas:

New starting blocks for entire pool

Championship t-shirts for all swimmers

Championship dinners for all swimmers

Record board updates

Championship banners

Coaches’ continuing education

Mental health athlete training for all swimmers

Dryland equipment

Training Power Towers

Needs-Based Opportunity Scholarships at all levels

TLC Spirit activities

Kiosk gear stock

Senior towels and end-of-year celebrations

2023-2024 Triton Club registration will be available at the kick off event on September 10th and at the Blue/Green meet. Sign up and unlock access to limited edition TAC TITANS gear. 

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