Our athletic performance space consists of a 1500 sq/ft functional training area, filled with high quality equipment such as sleds, free weights, medicine balls, battle ropes, resistance bands, squat racks, and rowing machines, all located right next to the pool.













































Our dryland program utilizes professionally designed exercise programs to form and grow the athletic foundation of each swimmer. Our programs are based on the pillars of consistency, encouragement, and teamwork. We work towards building consistent quality habits for long term success within a positive atmosphere to enhance athletic, team, and personal growth. Developing each swimmer’s athletic foundation starts with learning how to perform movements and resistance exercises efficiently with emphasis on proper technique and coordination. We prepare the swimmers for the ability to sustain the demands of training and competition with a mix of fitness and athletic qualities. We create each training group’s workouts to align with their training age and ability. 






















Benefits Received from the Program


·Enjoy training like an athlete – appreciation of physical and mental health.

·Increased self-esteem and self-confidence within the training environment.

· Better motivation, behavior, and belief in your abilities.

· Develop the Athletic Foundation

·Optimize Athletic Preparedness

· Improved Physical Fitness = Improved Mental Fitness

·Better adaptability from training and competition



Expectations of the Athletes


·  Bring the best version of yourself to every practice.

·  Always bring the highest level of effort and attention.

·  Be encouraging, supportive, and accountable.

·  Inspire self-improvement and self-discipline.

·  Embrace challenges and be ready to learn.




9 & 10 DRYLAND


For our youngest swimmers, physical literacy and cooperation within all training spaces at TAC is the main focus. We coach a wide variety and combination of body weight movements with the goal of teaching swimmers how to perform in them a smart, safe, and effective way when given the tasks. These groups start with a stationary rhythmic warm up and dynamic travel performance preparation routines, followed by work on balance and spatial awareness throughout different ranges of motion.


11 & 12 DRYLAND


The focus for this age group is athletic competency and work ethic. We continue to work on the movement foundations and educate swimmers on how the movements they learn transfer into swimming. We also introduce resistance training involving a mixture of simple and complex movements. We value the learning environment by stimulating a combination of cognitive, sensory, and muscular control to enhance different ways of learning and to create a positive outlook on training for the future.


13 & 14 DRYLAND


For our young teenagers, our goal is to develop their athletic foundation and introduce how to train the athletic skills such as reaction, explosive power, strength, muscular endurance, aerobic, and anaerobic fitness. Within an engaged team setting, they learn different strategies to achieve high performance and how they can translate it into swimming. We promote accountability within their practice to gain the most out of training for when they age up to senior groups in the future.




For our senior groups, our goal is to mature their foundational skills to achieve the highest level of athletic performance and preparedness. We incorporate a variety of advanced training methods to promote and manage the body’s responses to training with the goal of reaching peak performances for competition. Within the training program, there is a more detailed approach to train the athletic skills of reactive power and strength, explosiveness, muscular endurance, fitness capacity, max aerobic speed, and lactate tolerance. We demonstrate how to utilize and transfer energy efficiently within their exercises to be the most effective when needed for swimming.