AnglerFish Aquatics

New England Swimming

Masters sessions will be Tuesday and Thursdays at Cumberland HS.  Sessions start at 5:45 and run until about 6:45.  During school months, all swimmers must be off school property by 7:00 when students are arriving.  

Masters sessions are open to swimmers of all levels.  There's a range of swimmer abilities from competing adults to those who are looking to increase swim ability and fitness with a much lesser degree of experience.  

Coaching and sets provided to push limits and increase technique, but the general environment is inclusive of all abilities.  COME AND MAKE FRIENDS.  Masters swimmers build camaraderie and friendships among those willing to come at 5:45 AM.  It can be tough to make it some days, and the support of friends helps!  

Cost is $10 per session cash, or $8 Venmo.  Contact Jeff if you have any questions 401-632-2744