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New England Swimming

Being a new swimmer or swim parent, or even just changing teams, can be pretty confusing.  There's a lot of new informantion to learn.  This page has some links to documents and resources that new athletes and parents may find helpful.  Some are recommended by USA Swimming, and some are some of the best things we've found work well over time.  

**Feel free to suggest links and resources you think others might find useful.

USA Swimming overview.

Anglerfish Aquatics is a USA Swim team.  New England Swimming is the governing body of our area within USA Swim.  Its known as the Local Swim Committee or LSC.  New England Swimming oversees and sanctions MOST of the meets we go to.  They organize and create cut times for the championship meets we attend each season.  

Those times can be found here. 

Kids can get involved!! New England Swimming has programs and positions where swimmers can become active in their community.  There are Athlete Representitives on the New England Swimming Board of Directors.  Learn more and find contact information here!

Swimmer Resources

Goal Setting. Its very important, and we revisit goals every year.  Sample Goal Sheet posting here soon!  

We recommend all young athletes get a free account at    Its a FREE service and they email out daily videos about techniques, drills, and swim knowledge.  Always be learning, and if kids are going to be on phones, watch something useful.  

Track stuff.  The more serious about swim you are, the more you should know.  I started logging practices, race times, and training notes, and it helped me grow as a swimmer and build great skills and habits that were useful away from the pool.  Have fun learning your sport.  Follow your favorite athletes and teams on social media platforms.  

Know your Role.  Swimmers swim. Parents parent.  Coaches coach.  While there may be some crossover with parents and coaches.  Swimmers are neither.  Be respectful to both, keep open ears, and an open mind.  Even if you disagree.  Coach is not your friend.  Coach is a mix of coach, teacher, parent, and maybe a slice of friend in there.  

Parent Resources

You're in a need to know program.  Anything you need to know, WILL make its way to your email.  Meet signups? You'll get reminders.  Equipment deadlines? You'll get reminders.  Emergency notifications? You'll get info as soon as decisions are made.  The catch is....  read your emails.  

All other swim knowledge is optional.  Don't be overwealmed by what you don't know.  Ask questions of coaches, other parents, Google. 

Know your Role too.  Swimmers swim. Parents parent.  Coaches coach.  While there may be some crossover with parents and coaches, swimmers don't need coaches at home 24/7.  There's a time to turn it off and support.  Please ask questions and challenge coaching staff, but also keep open ears and open minds.  

BECOME AN OFFICIAL!!  Meets cannot run without officials.  There's lots of good reasons to do it.  You get a front row seat to the action.  You're there anyways. It earns us recognition with USA Swim and you can help us get into meets!  Maybe you like wet feet.  Its too hot in the stands anyways.  Its a great way to contribute to the community your kids love.  

New England Swimming Officials Page  Getting started involves a online (zoom) course, backround check, registration, and starting to apprentice at some meets.  Its SO IMPORTANT, that Anglerfish will credit your child's meet fees for expenses paid out.  

Notes on Meet SIGNUPS


Families are encouraged to become familiar with logging into the website and managing their own meet attendance and event selection.


Committing to an event, even months or weeks ahead of time, constitutes a financial commitment to pay for the meet entries.  Anglerfish is responsible to the host teams for entry fees for all names on the list when the entries are sent.  Even if plans change, kids get sick, or anything, the team still has to pay.

As meet information is released by the host team, it will be posted to the event pages on the Anglerfish site.  A MEET INFO PACKET (none are posted yet) will have all the information including addresses and start times.  The MEET EVENT FILE enables families to pick specific events.  MEET EVENT FILES are not ready yet, so you can only say Yes/no on the website currently.


Use the “signup notes” to convey information to coaches.  “We can only attend Saturday” “Knee injury, no breaststroke” or “Billy wants to try the 200 Fly” are great examples of things coaches need to know.


UNDECLARED athletes will receive reminders to sign up as deadlines approach.

COMMITTED athletes are attending the meet

DECLINED athletes tells us that the family is aware of the competition and cannot attend.  No reminders will be sent.


Coaches may always add or edit event selections.  Once you commit to attend, coaches will review event choices to push athlete’s growth and comfort levels.   






Notes on Fundraising 


Also with the challenges of COVID and our current competitive atmosphere, there has been renewed interest in fundraising among some members.  Fundraising is a great way to help accomplish a range of different things.  In an effort to be inclusive of everyone on the team, and respectful of those putting in the effort to get initiatives off the ground, funds raised through fundraisers attached directly to Anglerfish Aquatics will have a 30% / 70% split.  Where 30% will go info a fund that benefits every single athlete.  Such as equipment for the pool, social events, team apparel/banquet gift, banquet funding, championships meet fee subsidy), and up to 70% may be dedicated toward a specific purpose identified in the specific fundraiser information (travel expenses for travel meet).  



Notes on Parents Association


Anglerfish Aquatics is starting the process to get a parents association officially up and running.  If you’re interested in being a part of the team management let me know.  Anglerfish Aquatics is growing, and the more support we get, the easier is it to create the best experience for your athletes.  A parents association will involve a board with positions including, president, VP, secretary, and treasurer.  Historically, (as Envious Swimming) hosted meets provided the opportunity for the parents association to put thousands of dollars back into the team.  I’m trying to work our way back to hosting meets again! 


The parents association will handle all the things we’d LIKE to do, that I can’t manage to get done as 1 person alone.  As an active member on the parents association you have a say in social events, banquets, meet management, fundraisers, equipment purchases, and being a deciding voice in how much support ($) goes in which directions.  Yeah, there’s some work involved, but an active and healthy parents association can make our club financially healthy, reduce financial barriers for deserving athletes, and make us be a well-dressed proud team.  


Let me know if you’re interested in getting involved.